Alaina Castillo opened up to People CHICA about finding her soulmate when she least expected, her Parallel Universe tour and her new "confident love songs."

Alaina Castillo's new music shows she is in a happy place. "I am in love. I feel like I've been a hopeless romantic. I feel like the person I'm with right now completes me," the Mexican American star, 21, tells People CHICA. "It's almost unreal to me. I wanted something good, like you see in the movies and I didn't think I was going to get that, and I got something even better."

The singer —who was featured on Facebook Dating's Summer of Love show on Facebook Watch— says these positive emotions have influenced her new music. "I'm writing a lot of confident love songs. When I wrote 'I don't think I love you anymore' I was definitely more vulnerable in my relationship," she says.

It's important to "romanticize your life," Alaina reflects. "A lot of people get caught up in day to day things and they forget love," she says. "Love is what makes the world go round."

Alaina Castillo
Credit: Brian Ziff

Her upcoming Parallel Universe Tour also makes her feel butterflies in her stomach. "I'm excited, getting ready for it," she says. "I'm ready to get out there and see the scene again and put on a show for all of my followers."

Entertaining others came naturally even as a child. "When I was younger I would perform in front of my family in the living room and I would take on this different persona," she recalls. "I first knew when I was in elementary school. I would sing with my friends and I wanted to continue to sing and not stop —and it was almost annoying for them!" she laughs. "I went on karaoke shows and I knew I wanted to do this."

She started her own YouTube channel and her musical career grew from there. "We're working on a lot of Spanish vibes," she says of her new songs. "These songs are very moody, they carry this confident vibe with them."

Alaina Castillo
Credit: Brian Ziff

One thing on her bucket list is performing at Madison Square Garden. "I see myself doing that. I will manifest it and it will happen," she says.

Staying true to herself is her mantra. "I want to make sure I am the most genuine I can be. There is a lot of people telling us what to do, how we should feel. Life isn't about being a people-pleaser," she argues. "You're the one that you wake up with in the morning. I finally feel like I've found my voice."