In a recent episode of En La Sala, the two artists talk about how Latin music is making waves within the English-dominated music industry.

Throughout the last decade, Sebastián Yatra has dedicated his life to music.

From forgoing a permanent home to traveling all over the world to recording his hit songs, the 27-year-old's hard work has paid off as he continues to dominate both the Latin and English music industry.

In the latest episode of En La Sala with Evaluna Montaner, the singer shares his experience on how Latin music is slowly taking over the English-dominated music market.

Evaluna Montaner and Sebastian Yatra on En La Sala
Credit: Amazon / En La Sala with Evaluna

Both artists were born in Latin America and moved to the United States at a very young age, experiencing what it's like to feel at home in America while still honoring their cultures—something that is evident in both their careers.

"You've done a lot for Latin music, and apart from that, you've also brought Latin music to the general US market, a predominantly English market at that," Montaner said regarding Yatra's musical career.

The Medellin-born artist has worked on several hits that went big in the English market: he recently worked on "Dos orugüitas" for Disney's film Encanto as well as his hit song "Runaway" alongside the Jonas Brothers.

"Latinos are very special because they speak Spanish and feel the language, while also being Americans who understand that music is really a mix of everything," Yatra reveals about the English-speaking market in the United States.

Evaluna Montaner and Sebastian Yatra on En La Sala

The singer, who is is currently on tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, then gave some insight on how Latinos are trusting themselves more to position their music in another sector of the market.

"The beauty of this moment is that us Latinos are learning to trust ourselves and Americans are also trusting us through music collaborations," he said.

In addition to his recent accomplishments, Yatra is releasing a new single, "Tacones rojos," about a love who brings hope back into your life.

"It's one of those songs you can't help but smile when you listen to it. It's about someone who returns the energy back into your life and the happiness you feel, that ray of light," he confessed.

You can watch the full episode of the podcast on Amazon music.