The star's mom, Marlene Rodriguez, captured this adorable photo of her granddaughter and revealed a special project she's been working on.

Marlene Rodriguez is smitten with her new granddaughter Índigo, Evaluna Montaner's and Camilo Echeverry's first child.

Days after the birth of the newest member of her family, the matriarch is sharing exciting news alongside one of the first photos being shared of her daughter's tiny bundle of joy.

Turns out the Venezuelan moviemaker and producer has been collaborating with her friends to launch a new line of baby clothing, El Hilo Rojo Atelier.

"When I knew Eva was pregnant, I called Tina who had the idea for a while to make stuff for babies and I told her, 'Tina you have to launch your brand, I want those wonderful things for Índigo.' She told me she still didn't have the time to work on it 100%, but if I did it with her, and we added Marizai she'd get to it, we called her and that was it," she explained about her new project.

She continued, "For many years we've gotten together to learn, we've done ceramics, papier-mâché, painting, sculptures with recycling, marionettes...and now we've gotten together in this venture for my granddaughter (who is theirs too). Now Índigo is here, and today this brand is born inspired in her [El Hilo Rojo Atelier]."

The line of clothing includes adorable dresses, jumpsuits and sets for babies and toddlers alike.

Marlene & Evaluna
Credit: Marlene Rodriguez/Instagram

"I am so inspired because it is love, love for my own granddaughter, love for my friends, love for nature (everything is clean and natural), these clothes are love that we share with you all," she concluded.

Her new venture was greeted with an out pour of love from fans as well as her husband and iconic singer Ricardo Montaner.

"Everything is beautiful baby...I'm going in to buy a little gift for #Indigo," he wrote in the comments.

Ricardo also shared a photo of Evaluna as a toddler in his Instagram, lauding the mother-daughter duo.

"The daughter of Marlene, the mother of Índigo," he said.

It is evident the entire family is head-over-heels with its new member. On April 9, Camilo and Evaluna shared the happy news of her arrival through their Instagram accounts.

"Índigo has been born. God was present in every second of our home birth. She is a happy and curious girl," Camilo wrote. "Evaluna is the strongest, most virtuous and brave woman to have stepped on this planet. All my respect, service and commitment for the queen of this house!"