The Climate Change initiative launched with a $5 million investment in the Southwest with several Latin artists' support.

Latino voters across the country will have their voices heard on climate change thanks to a new campaign launched by Latino Victory Project on September 14.

The Vote Like a Madre initiative has started strong with a $5 million investment that features Latin artists, influencers and celebrities including Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Michaela Jaé (MJ) Rodriguez, America Ferrera, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his mother Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, Ariana DeBose, Angélica María, Angélica Vale, Gloria Calderón Kellet, Chef Lorena Garcia, Carolina Sandoval, Danna Garcia, Cyn Santana and others.

"Latina moms are leaders in their families, the workforce and our communities, but they also exert tremendous power as voters. Nearly 60 percent of Latinas support candidates that support initiatives to combat climate change, so we have a key opportunity to mobilize this powerful electorate to vote for climate change action in November," said Nathalie Rayes, CEO and President of Latino Victory Project.

Credit: Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Latino Victory Project and Potential Energy Coalition

Vote Like a Madre's mission is to mobilize Latina mothers, tias, abuelas, madrinas and sisters to vote around the climate crisis issue facing our planet.

"As mothers, we want nothing more than a clean, safe environment so our children can live healthy, prosperous lives with clean air, water, and a stable climate," Rayes added.

"So, in this election, I call on my fellow madres and madre figures to make a pinky promise to their children to demand candidates have bold plans to combat the climate crisis. Together, we can elect a government that will protect our children by taking action on the climate emergency," Rayes continued.

With 63 percent of Latinas at or over the voting age registered to vote, the campaign is encouraging Latinas to make a pinky promise toward choosing officials that are taking bold actions on climate change policy. With the initial $5 million, the campaign plans on advertising and direct voter contact.

"Heat, drought, natural disaster, they're all making it harder for our niños to lead healthy, stable lives and we need leaders to protect them," Eva Longoria said in a campaign statement. "As mamás we can use our votes like we use our voices: to get loud and vote like a madre."

Get out there and vote like madres, Chicas!