The pair tackled important topics in a video titled "Real Talk" as the presidential election approaches.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 02, 2020

As the countdown to November 3 continues, Eva Longoria and Ana Navarro tackled important topics around the 2020 election in an Instagram video titled "Real Talk." The Mexican American actress, director, and activist, 45, admitted she is feeling anxious to finally know who will be the president of the United States in the coming term. "I have been drinking for the last 10 days, earlier and earlier every day," Longoria said, sipping from a glass of red wine. "Girl, 10 months for me!" Navarro replied.

The Nicaraguan American political strategist and commentator, 48, urged voters to report any fraudulent activity they see with the ballots and voting. "People need to be very vigilant. If you see something, you must report it," she emphasized. The former guest co-host of The View added not to believe all the political propaganda that makes Joe Biden look "like Fidel Castro." "I'm convinced this year there is a shy Biden voter," Navarro added, referring to Biden supporters who will vote quietly out of fear of backlash from Trump supporters.

Both wore pink t-shirts supporting Kamala Harris with the message "I'm speaking," the senator's repeated words during her heated vice presidential debate with Mike Pence. The longtime friends laughed when they realized they had chosen the same t-shirt without planning it. "Who wore it best?" Navarro joked. "I bet you hers is an extra small!" They both also gushed over Ana's new stiletto heels with American flags on them. Navarro joked that she would use the heels as a weapon for anyone who tried to mess with her. "I'm in no mood!" she warned. "We are past the chancla," Longoria joked. "We have moved past that."

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Ed Rode/Getty Images for Politicon

Navarro said she went to support Harris for her recent visit to Miami. "There was so much positive energy," she said. "It was such happy, unifying, optimistic energy. She is so great. I keep thinking of how great the entire team is," Navarro said. "Please, America, elect these people, please let us get rid of this nightmare, this Halloween that has lasted for four years." To which Longoria replied: "We have to return to the joy of celebrating democracy in this country. It has become so divisive and so ugly with these Trump people blocking traffic and running buses off the road. We should be able to celebrate who we support without being intimidated, without being threatened, without being endangered."

"It's so upsetting what happened in your home state of Texas with those thugs running a Biden campaign bus off the road, which is illegal, it puts people's lives in danger," Navarro said. "It's people behaving like hoodlums." She also defended Biden and Harris from accusations that they are socialists who are "trying to turn America into Venezuela." "The ones that behave like a bunch of dictator thugs is them," Navarro argued.

Another memorable moment was when Longoria's 2-year-old son Santi came into the room with dad José Bastón. The baby sat on his mom's lap and proudly said he is "Latino" with a big smile on his face. The ladies continued their political chat as the two men in Longoria's life shied away from the camera. "Trump has been the most divisive president we've had in the history of our country," Longoria said. "He has caused the most racial divide in our country. If we re-elect Trump that is just going to affirm his behavior and his antics for the last four years. It's unacceptable, it's not the America I know, it's not the America we are. We are in a battle for the soul of the nation."