The Puerto Rican star's new EP is set for release later this year.

Por Alma Sacasa
Septiembre 10, 2020
Jose Cabrera

Before he realized his skills as a singer, Enyel C began his music career as a member of a band in high school. "I started playing bass in a couple of rock bands when I was in high school with my homies," he tells People CHICA. "I wanted to sing, but I stayed playing bass and guitar. When I got to the university and bought the equipment to record myself and they taught me how to do it, that's when I started to sing on my productions."

That early experience has helped him develop many singles, like "Hola," his most recent, which was inspired by his desire to give fans a more visual experience. "I wanted to tell a story ... to paint a picture with all the lyrics," he explains. "I wanted something visual rather than just writing a song."

In addition to the new single, Enyel also released a quarantine-style music video for the song. "The concept of the video was made by my friend Jinn, who was the director and producer," he shares. "We decided on the concept to be a house party, but it couldn't happen because of the pandemic. So we decided to do a Zoom party, which fits well with the style of my other videos as well as this project."

The Puerto Rican star also has his debut EP coming out later this year. "It's going to be a group of different songs of me exploring different moods, different instrumentals, different themes, and different rhythms. We have a few collaborations on there that are good as well," he says. "They are a group of songs that showcase my development as an artist in the last six to eight months."

Enyel C has received support from many of his fellow artists, including Bad Bunny. "It's cool to see how far music reaches. I sing to the audience on the internet, but the internet is big and anyone around the world can listen to it," he shares. "To be supported by these artists that I admire who I am not necessarily making the music for — it's special to me that they like and get the message of my music."

The singer wants to stand out and not worry about streaming numbers or sales, but to create music that allows him to be himself. "I want to learn to express myself in all the forms that I can — musically, melodically, and if that reaches the industry that would be cool," he shares. "I don't have goals in the industry as far as numbers, but in the world, yes. There are places I want my music to reach."