Singer Enrique Iglesias talks to People en Español about career plans for 2019 and how his twins changed his life.

Enrique Iglesias is on top of the world. The Spanish singer recently released his new music video “Después que te perdí” and has upcoming tour dates in Mexico, Europe and the United States. The star —who shares adorable videos of his twins with Anna Kournikova on Instagram, showing his playful charades to make the babies laugh— says his daughter Lucy and son Nicholas have transformed his life. “They make me thrive to be a better person”, he told People en Español. They are my daily inspiration.” About living a normal life at home with Anna and the kids and dealing with the hassles of fame, Iglesias says: “I don't think there is any secret to that, you just kind of figure things out along the way.”

Performing around the world and making new music still fulfills him after over 20 successful years in the industry. “I'd say connecting with fans across all different cultures, that's one of the perks of my job,” he adds.

Although his busy schedule involves much traveling, coming home to his children is the biggest blessing. On Instagram, the singer has shared tender moments playing with the babies, who push him around in a toy car and make him laugh with their cute babbling. They are a “tough audience to entertain,” he joked in an Instagram post.

Besides being a role model to his children, the star is admired by a new generation of Latino artists and an ever-growing legion of fans. About having young people look up to him, the singer concludes: “It's an honor. I just hope I can live up to their expectations.”