Argentinean singer Emilia talked to People CHICA about her new single "Policía" and how she plans to leave her mark on music.


Argentinean singer Emilia, 23, wants to leave her mark in the competitive world of Latinx urban music. The artist talked to People CHICA about her new single “Policía” and its hypnotic music video, released on Thursday. “It’s a really fun song. It’s fused with cumbia,” she says. “Cumbia is really popular back home and I wanted to represent my country somehow.”

Although she started out in a cumbia pop band in her native Argentina, she fell in love with urban music and pursued it as a solo artist. “I’m looking for my own identity within the industry of urban female artists, searching for my own unique sound,” she says. “I dream of a lot of things, of taking my music around the world, but I focus on the now, not on where I will be in five years. I know it will take a lot of sacrifice to get to the top. I admire artists that are mega-successful but remain humble.”

Her hit “Billion” — which has over 3.9 million views on YouTube — celebrates self-love. “It’s a song that has a great message, because I talk to a guy that hopes to win me over with money, jewels, and luxury, and tell him to keep his millions because I’m worth a billion — not in terms of material things but because of my own personal values,” explains Emilia. “The video is a kind of parody. I laugh at the guys trying to impress me and show that I don’t need anyone to give me expensive gifts to conquer my heart.”


She also made a splash with the song “No Soy Yo” featuring Darell. “He gave the song the magic touch,” she says. Who else does she hope to record with in 2020? “I love Farina, I think she is spectacular and very unique. Karol G is having lots of success in her career and I think it’s very well deserved. The song ‘Tusa’ got her to another level, and the fact that Nicki Minaj is on the track gives other Latina artists hope to collaborate with stars in the Anglo market.” Her fave female Anglo stars? “I love Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. I admire them the most.”

Courtesy of Alessandro Martino

In the “Policía” music video, Emilia is being pursued by a jealous policeman. “He stalks me but I laugh at him and don’t take him seriously,” she says. “In the video I play a thief and the policeman catches me, but I lock him up in the end.” Check it out below!