By Jennifer Mota
January 25, 2019 05:30 PM

El Alfa El Jefe continues his quest to bring Dominican dembow into the musical mainstream of America.

Known as one of the most innovative artists in Latin dance music, the Santo Domingo native has been gaining international recognition since his November collaboration with Cardi B, “Mi Mami,” dropped. In December, he was the only artist of Latinx descent featured on Bad Bunny's first album X 100PRE. And just to keep things authentic, he released an ode to dembow roots “Pa Jamaica” the same month.

Now the demobowsero is dipping his toes into electronica with a little help from American EDM maestro Diplo, featured on El Alfa's latest track, “TecnoBow.” After teasing the collab, Alfa treated fans to a release Friday.

Chael Produciendo, producer of the track and creator of the trapbow subgenre — a mixture of Latin trap and dembow — is El Alfa's partner in crime on songs like “Suave” and “Pa Jamaica.” He tells CHICA: “It's been a great experience working with people positioned in the international music business. I've followed [Diplo] for so long, and to find ourselves making movements with him just shows how much the genre is changing.”

The fast-paced but ever-evolving genre, with roots in the barrios of the Dominican Republic capital, is defined by experimentation, and El Alfa's moves — a robotic voice over rapid dembow beats — are bringing awareness to the movement. You'll notice the aesthetics of the “TecnoBow” video is geared toward a wide synth-dance-pop audience.

You can watch the video below.