The Colombian talks to CHICA about his new song and what it's like to work with Tainy.

Dylan Fuentes
Credit: Imagine It Media

Dylan Fuentes started singing at the age of nine, and by 14 was making headlines as a finalist on Colombia's El Factor X. "There people started recognizing me and I grew a fan group across Colombia," the Colombian artist tells People CHICA. "A lot of people who followed me around that time still do, and that is what motivated me to continue my career after the reality show."

His new single "Bipolar" follows his hit "Ajena" with Myke Towers, which has over 24 million views on YouTube. "Bipolar" is about that toxic, stubborn person we all know, whose bad energy can interfere with everyone else's happiness. 

"I was making some other music that week, and two days before returning to Colombia I went back to the track and I could not finish until I thought about a moment in my life. The whole concept came out about toxicity," he explains. "You see a lot of relationships these days on social media where they post happy photos and stories and people seem super engaged in the relationship, but then in actuality, their relationship is fake and does not work — they are fighting three times a week."

The 23-year-old also has a seven-song EP releasing soon. Growing up in Barranquilla, Colombia and having the coastal cities Cartagena and Santa Marta next to him, his music incorporates plenty of elements that recall summer heat, sun, and the beach. "On the EP you will receive a lot of things that have happened to me, a lot of personal things about my love life and heartbreak," he says. "I know it’s a message a lot of people like hearing on reggaeton beats."

Fuentes is signed to Tainy and Lex Borrero's label Neon16, and was also on Tainy's EP The Kids That Grew Up On Reggaeton: Neon Tapes with the single "Tu Amiga."

"Once we sat down to talk and met it was cool," he says about meeting Tainy. "We have not had the chance to work 100 percent, but whenever I have the chance that will be chaotic for me, something I will never forget and will take advantage of."

Dylan also acts, which is something he always enjoyed doing as a kid. While he's not currently working on anything, he did star in the Netflix series Siempre Bruja for two seasons. "That’s a funny story because when I got that I did not want to act," he says. "I was at a moment in my life where I was focused on other things and I was dedicated to YouTube and I was uploading covers, and I did not want to let that go."

He would consider going back to acting later on, but for now, his main focus is music and hopefully getting the opportunity to work with Post Malone. "It’s what truly fills me and what I have loved since I was 9 years old," he shares. "Singing is literally all I wanted to do — I never wanted to go to school or do my homework."

"Bipolar" is now available for streaming everywhere.