Dulce Candy Ruiz
Credit: Dulce Candy Ruiz

With over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Dulce Ruiz, aka Dulce Candy, is dominating the beauty industry. Don't get it twisted, though, she hasn't let fame get to her. Her charming personality is so magnetic that you can't help but binge all of her YouTube videos! Her easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, cute DIYs, and life advice videos are are a few of the reasons she is one of the biggest vloggers in the YouTube beauty community. Basically, she is just as sweet as her name!

She often shares inspiring content, including videos that will motivate you to embrace your imperfections and to love the skin you're in. She's the first to admit that she's constantly working on herself, which is #relatableAF.

Her content isn't the only impressive thing about her either, she's the author of The Sweet Life, she's a wonderful mother, wife, and most importantly, she served our country. Yes, Dulce was in the Army! She actually found her voice on YouTube after she got back from Iraq. Dulce is the definition of #goals.

When Dulce isn't creating content on YouTube, she's collaborating with incredible brands such as Beautycon. That's right, there's a Beautycon Box curated by Dulce. Best believe this Latina thought of all of our winter needs this season, adding a full body lotion, facial mask, and a special custom shade by our fave affordable brand, ColourPop!

We chatted with Dulce about picking her fave products for Beautycon's winter box, the makeup trend that just didn't work out for her, and receiving products from one of her most treasured brands. While there could be a Dulce Candy jewelry and makeup line in the near future, she's just enjoying playing with all kinds of makeup, and we don't blame her.

Hello Giggles: What was the process like selecting each item for the Beautycon winter box?

Dulce Candy: It was a really simple process. I made a list of all of my favorite brands and my favorite products. I collaborated with Beautycon to really narrow it down to my top favorite products to be included in the box.

HG: Did you think of a specific beauty look when you chose the products for your winter box?

DC: I knew it was going to be a winter box so I wanted products that were going to be hydrating, which is why I included a full-size body lotion, along with a facial mask. In the winter time, it tends to get really dull with makeup, so I added a pop of color with a really bright lipstick!

HG: How did you first get into makeup?

DC: I started wearing makeup and really getting into it when I first started Youtube back in 2008. Throughout all these years, I was able to teach myself — and also learning from other beauty gurus — how to apply makeup. That's really when my passion for cosmetics and skincare grew immensely.

HG: What were some of the beauty tips or makeuptechniques you learned from other YouTubers when you started out?

DC: I learned a lot from professional makeup artists and I think that's the beautiful thing about the YouTube beauty community. You have real experts who work with celebrities, work in magazines, and television, and they give you all of this valuable knowledge that you otherwise wouldn't be able to access. Someone who I really love, or two special ladies, are the Pixiwoo Sisters. I learned how to make my lips appear fuller by not really outlining the Cupid's bow and just kind of tracing over my lips. Wayne Goss is amazing, and I learned so much great, valuable knowledge from him as well.

HG: Do you remember what the first makeup product you ever bought was?

DC: It was a MAC powder. Back in the day, if you had MAC, you were the cool girl. I couldn't really afford MAC at that time, but I had this one MAC powder, and I just treasured it. Still, to this day, I have one drawer in my makeup collection dedicated to MAC products because it meant a lot to me to be able to have something that was so cool, you know?

HG: What is it like going from buying one of your first makeup products from MAC to working with them, and having them send you new items to test out like MAC X Selena?

DC: It's amazing. I honestly feel so blessed. To be able to collaborate, and even just work and have products sent to me, it's just so much fun. It's a dream come true.

HG: Do you think you'll ever create your own beauty brand?

DC: Yeah! You know, down the line I definitely want to be able to dive into that beauty phase. Right now, I'm just in the process of having so much fun because there are so many collections that come out like crazy. But for me, I would love to have a cosmetics line that offers cruelty-free products that are made in the U.S., and that are affordable and high-quality.

HG: What products would you for sure have if you created your own cosmetics brand?

DC: I would definitely have a highlighter; that's my thing! Also liquid lipsticks with really beautiful soft, neutral colors and fun crazy colors like blue or deep purple!

HG: Who are some of your beauty idols in all of history?

DC: I would have to say María Felíx. She was a famous Mexican actress. I am obsessed with her. She is one of my beauty icons and just overall. She had this dramatic, beautiful winged eyeliner, and for me, a winged liner is my go-to on an everyday basis. She has definitely been an inspiration to me for beauty, and in a lot of ways.

HG: What do most people not know about your job as a beauty vlogger?

DC: I think people have a perception that it's easy. It's definitely a lot of fun, and it's a fun career, but it takes a lot of work. To be able to narrow it down to all of the products that get sent to me, to the ones that I test, it takes time. I always want my viewers to know that whatever I talk about is something that I truly love.

HG: You have come such a long way, what advice would you give your 13-year-old self?

DC: I would just tell her to love every little thing about herself — her hair, her skin color, her beauty marks, and to just to embrace who she is.

HG: What's the weirdest makeup trend you ever tried out?

DC: There's this makeup trend with highlight going around where you highlight the tip of your nose like crazy. I tried it before, and I feel like I looked like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It looked great on some women, but for me, it just wasn't happening.

HG: Do you think you'll create another Beautycon box or will we see another collaboration soon?

I would love to collaborate with Beautycon in the future, maybe I can incorporate products from my makeup line or if I design a jewelry line. I could incorporate something into future boxes.

If you're in need of fashion and beauty inspo, check out Dulce Candy's Instagram page. Take a peek at her YouTube channel for makeup tips and tricks as well as life advice and relatable AF content!

While we wish Dulce's winter box lasted all year round, you can still snag one up until March 7th! The Beautycon Winter Box is still available on the brand's website for $99 when you subscribe for the year (which means you get four boxes). If you just want the winter box, then it's $30! Not bad for products that are high-quality and that will last you a good while!