The Peruvian twin sisters will be performing in the semifinals on Tuesday night.

Por Alma Sacasa
Septiembre 08, 2020
America's Got Talent

Twin sisters Andrea and Irene Ramos, aka Double Dragon, have been a hit this season on America's Got Talent, and tonight, they'll compete in the semifinals. "Being that it's an international competition, that fills me with pride, but at the same time I'm always nervous," Andrea tells People CHICA. "The level of production is so much different and bigger than [what] we have participated in in our country."

Growing up in Peru, the pair started dancing at a young age, entering their first competition when they were only nine years old. "We were the smallest ones," says Andrea. "That's where our careers began with dancing ballet as well." A few years later, as adolescents, they started singing, too.

America's Got Talent

The sisters were inspired to audition for AGT by their late father, who died of cancer. "When we came to the United States, we had the dream of presenting ourselves to Simon Cowell," Andrea explains. "But we couldn't travel at first due to financial reasons. In 2017, we were able to travel, and our father motivated us to have that American dream we waited for years to achieve."

If they win, the sisters will be awarded a large cash prize and have the chance to headline a show in Las Vegas. They also want to raise money for cancer research and other things that are meaningful to them. "Winning would mean that I was able to represent my country with soul, heart, and dignity," says Andrea. "What Irene and I want is that everyone sees that we put soul and heart in every performance and that we represent [Peru]. If we win, that means we accomplished that."

Being on the show, they've developed special connections with the other competitors, and so will feel saddened about anyone's departure. Filming the show during the pandemic has also added an element of heightened emotion, but the sisters say they've felt safe with all the precautions production is taking. "We have very complicated allergies. Knowing that we are dealing with coronavirus and everyone is locked up and we cannot be going out every time to buy [things], they keep us with a balanced diet and they keep in mind all of our needs," Andrea shares.

Before competing on AGT, the sisters worked in customer service, and winning the show would further their artistic career even more. "We want to continue in music and stay invested in this race, because we believe that the dragon train has to continue!"

You can watch Double Dragon perform on NBC's America's Got Talent on Tuesday, September 8 at 8 p.m. ET.