From a cozy Himalayan salt lamp to an affirmations lightbox, our picks will make your dorm look and feel fab.


It's Back to School Time! Setting the right tone and environment in your dorm room this fall will help you feel right at home and create a space where you can study and thrive in your college experience.

We've curated a list of cozy finds at affordable prices to make sure your pad has the best vibes. 

Dorm Room
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  1. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp 
Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps not only make your room feel cozy, but they also improve the air quality, release frequencies that boost your mood and help you sleep. These lamps are carved from mineral-rich, pink salt mines and their health benefits come from their ability to change the electrical charge of circulating air as "natural ionizers."

2. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant
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Owning a plant has incredible benefits for our mental wellbeing. Set up a ZZ plant next to your desk, and you'll have a great new companion. These plants bring abundance and require very little care and light (don't worry about killing it easily!)

3. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oils Diffuser
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Essential oils have been hot for a while, but their benefits are worth the buzz. Place an essential oil diffuser in your room to set a relaxing mood. These gems have multiple purposes depending on the oils you choose. They can help improve clarity and focus, boost your mood, and help clear your airways when you're feeling stuffy, according to Pick up your favorite scent and use a couple of drops according to instructions.

4. Affirmations Light Box

Light Box
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Keep your affirmations short and bright with a lightbox. Set up an affirmation such as "You got this!" "You're the best!" "Slay the test!" and see how they help your subconscious get used to positivity and keep you confident. 

5. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat
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Starting classes can be stressful and take away from physical activity. Keep a yoga mat in your dorm room close by and take at least 30 minutes every day to stretch, move and get active! Put on a YouTube video with your favorite yoga instructor and you'll feel refreshed in no time.