Por Hello Giggles
Febrero 24, 2017

Here's some proof that dogs are evolving at a pretty incredible speed. The other day on Reddit, a user by the name of Shady_Slim uploaded a gif of a cute pup that's paying for his own treats at the grocery store. As a result, many hearts were filled with love over the very, very good boy. (We mean the dog, not the Reddit user. Sorry, Shady_Slim.)

Of course, the dog had some help. After all, he didn't have any pockets on him, so he had to rely on his owner in order to help pay for the treats. We're sure that the owner didn't mind.

Here's the short clip that was available on Reddit.

While the key scene impressed many, the full video is definitely a must-watch.

Uploaded by DailyPicksandFlicks just a few days ago, the dog is seen walking himself into the store (with leash in mouth — seriously) where he calmly checks out the pet aisle.

And even better, it's got sound.

We've seen a lot of well-behaved dogs before, but there's something special about this guy in particular. He seems to know exactly what kind of treats he wants, and he knows exactly where they're supposed to go — right in the basket.


He doesn't even get greedy about it. He knows his limits.

Even the cashier is totally charmed by this pup. Surely he brightened her day the same way he did ours.

We're guessing he's likely a store regular — and probably the cutest one they have!