The Knights of the Zodiac actor tells People Chica how he hopes to inspire Latinos everywhere to reach for the stars.

Manifesting can bring significant things to your life if you allow it to.

For actor Diego Tinoco, his role in Knights of the Zodiac was something he manifested for himself, and it just so happens to be another major step forward in Latino representation within the superhero genre.

"This is a huge moment, not just in my career but in all of Hollywood. This is a huge moment. We don't see too many Latino superheroes on the big screen. We don't see too many. I mean, I can count on the—the fingers that I have here," he tells People Chica.

But the "huge moment" was something the On My Block actor manifested for his friend and fellow actor Xolo Maridueña.

"It's funny, the last time I saw Xolo, actually, I told him I was like we were—we were doing press for our shows, and the last time I saw him, I said, 'Xo, I was like, The next time I see you, we're both going to be on a huge movie.' And sure enough, I mean, it's crazy, you know, putting it out there into the universe can do," he details.

At the end of the day, Tinoco is just happy to be able to represent his community and give other Latinos a picture of what is possible when you work hard.

"But to be able to represent all my Latinos out there, I mean, it's so powerful. And I hope this—this movie, you know, truly inspires all my Latinos, especially the, you know, all the young Latino kids who weren't born into the greatest circumstances," Tinoco says.

Credit: Courtesy of Toei Animation

"I want them to see this film, see a Latino dude, you know, go on la pantalla grande en Hollywood, coming from immigrant parents: my father coming from Mexico and mother comes from Ecuador, both of them coming from absolutely nothing but a dream and a hard work ethic," the Bad Hombres actor adds.

Tinoco wants young Latinos to reach for the stars in every way possible.

"I want them to see that and feel inspired, feel empowered, and think, hey, this guy is doing that. Why can't I go be a CEO? Why can I go have my own negocio? Why can't I be a businessman, a lawyer, a doctor? All of that stuff, right? I want them to walk away with a very empowering feeling," he concludes.