The new Disney+ show starts streaming later this month.

Por Lena Hansen
Enero 07, 2020

The new series Diary of a Future President, starring Gina Rodriguez and Selenis Leyva, is premiering on Disney+ on January 17, and now you can finally get your first look at the show in a new trailer. The clip shows Gina Rodriguez, who plays the president of the United States, talking to an advisor, who hands her a purple notebook and asks, “Madame President, what is in here?” It’s not the nuclear codes, but it’s just as top secret. “It’s my old diary,” she says. “I started writing it in the sixth grade. It’s a day-by-day account of how I got here. I really had a lot to say!” Then there’s a flashback to her childhood, 28 years prior, with a young Madame President riding her bike down the street and talking about her Latinx family. She lives with her mother, played by Selenis Leyva, who admits, “My daughter? She can be a little intense.”

Leyva talked to People CHICA about her role in the series. “This is a show about a young girl who ends up being the future female president of the United States, and it’s a Cuban American girl and I’m her mother,” said the Cuban actress of Dominican descent. “What is beautiful about this story is that we have not seen this type of Latino storytelling, where it’s not a household where people are struggling, it’s not a household with trauma and drama — it’s a household where the mother is a single mom but she is a lawyer, they live in a beautiful home, they are well off. I don’t think we’ve seen that. This is an educated family and it’s funny. I think it’s something that everyone will be able to watch. It’s a great family show.”

“In the series Diary of a Future President, we see the origin story of a future leader,” Disney+ said in a press release. “Told using the narration of 12-year-old Cuban American girl Elena’s diary, this new family comedy follows her journey through the ups and downs of middle school, which set her on the path to becoming the president of the United States. Diary of a Future President was inspired by creator Ilana Peña’s childhood and is produced by Gina Rodriguez’s I Can and I Will Productions. Rodriguez directed the first episode and guest stars as grown-up Elena.”


The cast includes Tess Romero as young Elena, “an unabashed, ultra-observant 12-year-old with a strong point of view, who walks through the world with purpose and confidence.” Charlie Bushnell makes his acting debut in the series as Bobby, “Elena’s sweet and mischievous older brother.” Leyva (Orange Is the New Black) stars as Gabi, “Elena and Bobby’s sharp and loving mom.” Michael Weaver (Here and Now) plays Sam, a lawyer at Gabi’s firm who starts dating the single mom.

Diary of a Future President premieres January 17.