The Afro-Cuban singer also shared his thoughts on the ongoing fight for racial justice.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 30, 2020

Cuban singer-songwriter Descemer Bueno talked to People CHICA about his upcoming album El Hijo de Mercedes, inspired by his love for his mother Mercedes Martínez. "My mother has been such an important person in my life. She was a singer and she always wanted me to be a musician. I got my first guitar because of her," he says. "She has left me a beautiful legacy of art and I will leave that to my kids, too."

Courtesy of Descemer Bueno

The Latin Grammy and Billboard Latin Music Award winner is best known for hit songs like "Bailando" with Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona and "Súbeme La Radio" with Iglesias and Zion y Lennox. He also recently recorded the music video for "Nos Fuimos Lejos," the first single from his new album. The clip, featuring Iglesias and Cuban rapper El Micha, has already racked up more than 63 million views on YouTube.

About his ongoing collaboration and friendship with Iglesias, Bueno says: "We have kept doing songs together, we've never stopped, and that says a lot about how close our friendship is and about our commitment to music."

Courtesy of Descemer Bueno

"We talk about everything," he continues. "He is an amazing dad. He spends as much time as he can with his kids, he's always playing with them."

Courtesy of Descemer Bueno

His latest music video, "No Debí Dejarte Sola," was filmed in the Dominican Republic in early March, right before the coronavirus quarantine. The romantic video features his new girlfriend, Cuban dancer Darlenys Perez, who lives on the island and is in a long-distance relationship with the singer, who lives in Miami."It's a very intimate song," he says of the track, co-written with Iglesias and Cuban singer Jacob Forever. "This moment of quarantine and this pandemic brought a lot of separation in families and in couples. People have lost loved ones and it's very sad. I wanted to celebrate love."

He also shared his feelings on the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests that erupted around the world following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. "As an Afro-Cuban, I've seen how we've been looked down on. It happened to my mother," he says, adding that he hopes the protests are a catalyst for positive change. "I've seen a lot of important things happen, like seeing many white Americans in the protests. ... I've also seen a lot of white supremacy stories on the news, and that racial rivalry and division is growing a lot."

Courtesy of Descemer Bueno

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for the artist, who hasn't been able to travel to Cuba to visit his family. "It's the hardest moment I've had in my life in many aspects. My family is in Cuba. My mother has Alzheimer's and my aunt Farah is older and they are going through a tough time," he says.

However, he recognizes that hard times can be inspiring as an artist and strengthen your soul. "Music is healing," he explains. His new album also includes the second part of his hit "Bailando," titled "Bailando 2" and featuring Gente de Zona. He hopes to record the music video with the same flamenco dancer who starred in the original music video in Havana in 2014 and now lives in Spain. "Everything has changed," he says with a laugh. "The world has changed."