The singer-songwriter is sporting their most daring and fashion-forward look yet.

When looking at the entirety of their career, Demi Lovato can be applauded for their most inspiring aspect—their ability to rise above like a phoenix.

It is no surprise that Lovato, who has been in the entertainment industry from a very young age, understands that as a human, people need to evolve and grow, oftentimes changing our lewk in the process.

On June 9, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to release a teaser video of their latest song "Skin of my Teeth" sporting their most fearless and fierce look yet.

Throughout the video, fans can see Lovato donning a mullet-esque new hairdo, a stunning smoky eye and a nude lip.

Then, true to their nature of change, Lovato switches it up and can also be seen wearing a form-fitting black leather ensemble and a very Joan Jett-looking 'do.

With their latest album Holy Fvck, Lovato is officially making a departure from the more pop tunes that they have done over the years and turning to their rock roots for inspiration.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lovato shares, "It's definitely a change of pace for me. But I'm also back to my roots because that's what I started singing when I released my first album and my second album."