The Puerto Rican star talks to People CHICA about his upcoming album and his latest single "El Que Se Enamora Pierde," featuring Darell.

By Alma Sacasa
March 06, 2020

On Thursday, De La Ghetto released his new song "El Que Se Enamora Pierde," featuring Darell. "You can’t fall in love at first sight," the singer (born Rafael Castillo) tells People CHICA. "You have to learn how to know that person because at the end of the day they can backstab you — man or woman, vice versa. Everything you do, do it with caution. That’s what the song says."

The video was shot in Miami by director Daniel Duran, who also worked with De La Ghetto on the "Caliente" video with J Balvin. "The concept is a bit different from the other videos. It’s like cinematographic, but street," he shares. "It’s elegant, luxurious — the video, the clothes, the models. I love the video." If you're wondering if he got hot in that fur coat while filming in Miami, the answer is yes. "We were sweating like crazy with the clothes," says De La Ghetto. "We had to do breaks to get under the A/C, but it was fun. It was a good time."

Following the new single and video, the Puerto Rican star is also planning the release of his new album Los Chulitos. "It's more urban, a bit more street — a more youthful and colorful album," he says. "Without changing the essence of De La Ghetto with the romance and street elements."

As for the title Los Chulitos, De La Ghetto says he chose it after his manager suggested it to him. "It’s like a lifestyle, because I’ve been using it for six to seven years," he explains. "Everybody uses that name, everybody is a chulito and wants to be a part of that lifestyle. So we’re transmitting that through this album."

There's no release date set for Los Chulitos just yet, but De La Ghetto estimates that it'll be out this summer. "Everything is done — the artwork, the track list, everything," he says. "I’m waiting on that final mix and final production to wrap everything up."

"El Que Se Enamora Pierde" is available now on all streaming platforms.