Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres shares her health struggles after being diagnosed with skin cancer. The Puerto Rican star’s family and friends also talk to People en Español about this challenging time in her life.

In the latest issue of People en Español, now on newsstands, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres opens up about her health and life today after being diagnosed with skin cancer. “This situation has opened my eyes to so many beautiful things. It has reminded me of the giant power of prayer and that miracles happen every day”, the former ¡Mira Quien Baila! winner told the magazine.

The Puerto Rican actress and TV host, 44, was nervous the night before her first radiation treatment to treat her skin cancer in February. However, her mother Luz Delgado —who moved from Puerto Rico to Southern California to live with her daughter and her sons Christian, 18 and Ryan, 15, from her previous marriage to singer Marc Anthony — was her rock and went with her to the medical center she now attends monthly. Dayanara and her mom prayed and listened to music before she entered the treatment and she fell asleep during that nerve-wracking first session. “She is telling God: “Lord, I am leaving this problem in your hands'”, her sister Jeannette Torres told the magazine of Dayanara's resilient attitude during this health crisis. “She visualizes herself in the end completely healed because she knows she is experiencing a miracle”.

Dayanara Torres
Dayanara Torres (to the right) with her sister Jeannette Torres and her mother Luz Delgado (center).

The Puerto Rican beauty —whom her family affectionately calls “Yari”— is also dealing with getting used to single life again after her fiancé, film executive Louis D'Esposito unexpectedly broke off their engagement by phone shortly after skin cancer diagnosis. “Many people ask me: ‘How are you dealing with everything that is happening to you?'. Well, with a lot of gratitude. Its ironic, right?”, she told People en Español. “In the midst of the pain, the fear and uncertainty, I have been able to remember how blessed I am. I feel very inspired, not only to heal but and feel 100 percent recovered in my health and in my heart, but also to continue to create awareness on how to prevent [this disease] and always maintain a positive attitude”.


Dayanara's sister assures the magazine that the former Miss Universe feels no resentment towards her ex fiancé. To the contrary, Jeannette says Dayanara feels that their deceased father sent D'Esposito into her life so he could motivate her to get the mole that turned out to be cancerous checked out by a dermatologist. The Marvel Studios executive did not return People En Español‘s calls for comment. “Yari has two options: she can either see everything negatively and be filled with resentment or see things in the way that's favorable to her soul”, her sisters adds. Her sons have also been a source of unconditional love and strength.

Puerto Rican actress and TV host Karla Monroig, a close friend of Dayanara, told People En Español: “Dayanara is a very strong woman, she has an amazing sensibility and a heart of gold, but she is very strong. She is growing a lot in this process, she is very focused on getting better”.

Dayanara Torres, Ryan Adrián Muñiz, Cristian Marcus Muñiz

Dayanara concludes about facing this health crisis: “I have a lot of faith and I know I will overcome this disease. And in that journey, my quality of life —and the quality of life of others— will be strengthened”.