In an exclusive interview with People Chica, Esoteric Esa and Ugly Primo share how they have paired up with Chispa app to help singles find love as it's written in the stars.

Modern dating has changed how we approach love and romance, but sometimes, things are written in the stars.

If you've felt frustrated using dating apps and swiping through potential matches without any luck, Chispa app is bringing you new amor for 2023 with the help of astrological predictions from none other than Esoteric Esa.

The new collaboration also features twelve zodiac-inspired profile stickers created by Ugly Primo, the legendary creative force behind Bad Bunny's artwork, that users can use to express themselves and connect with others based on their astrological compatibility.

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Additionally, lovers can indulge in twelve unique predictions made by Esa that feature general traits for each sign, most compatible signs and unique tips on how to win over your next boo using astrology.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, Esoteric Esa dished on her special collaboration with Ugly Primo, advice on how to use these new tools on the Chispa app, and how astrology can help Latines find love.

More people are turning to horoscopes and tools such as the tarot to gain insight into their lives and the energy available. How can these tools help us with our love lives? 

Astrology, first and foremost, is a great tool for self-examination. When we approach relationships a lot of time we approach it from our wants, our needs, which is great, but what we tend to forget is everybody has a different love language. Astrology can teach you your love language, not only through your sun sign, which we wrote all these horoscopes and predictions for, but also based on your moon and your Venus sign. That can tell you a lot about the compatibility or lack of when you're dating. Think of it like you're screening beforehand. It's amazing insight.

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There are theories that some signs are more compatible than others. What are your recommendations when looking for a match? For example, I'm a Capricorn, so what would you say would be my best chance at finding love this year?

A lot people can find in these astrology blog posts that when you read based off your sun sign this can tell you other sun signs that are in your element. So for example, you're a Capricorn, so you are an earth sign. You might vibe more with other earth signs who would be Virgo and Taurus.

I also like to recommend people try out their own element. So, if you're a fire sign, try dating another fire sign. If you're an air sign, another air sign, you have a lot of things in common right off the bat, and it's not going to be as hard, like pulling teeth like, "Oh my God, this was a dry date. We had nothing in common." When you're trying to get a fire sign and a water sign, it's very, very opposite, so they might struggle to connect.

While using tools like tarot and astrology can be helpful, how can people avoid allowing that to become an obsession for how they approach dating and finding love? For example, if my partner is a Leo does that make us less compatible?

I love that question. Don't write people off right off the bat because astrology is very nuanced and very layered. Not only do you want to take the sun sign into consideration. Sure, he's a Leo, but what is his moon? What is his Venus sign? Going back to the planets of love.

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You want to look at the moon signs and the Venus signs because maybe you're Scorpio and that person is a Taurus, so you're opposite, you might not click, but what if your Venus signs really complement each other? And you know, the Venus in the Moon signs really tells about long-term compatibility, let's not get too focused on our cognitive biases through spirituality. Don't write someone off right off the bat, you want to get to know their whole picture. What's the sun, what's the moon, what's the rising? The big three.

Since 2020 the way we date has changed drastically, with dating apps becoming more and more prevalent. Some even say that this may be the energy of the age of Aquarius changing up old patterns on Earth. How can we adapt to these changes and welcome this new reality without becoming jaded or oversaturated?

I think as millennials and as Gen Z, all of our lives have been online. That's why Chispa is such a great hub for us. Not only is it a safe and friendly app to explore and love that really emphasizes these protocols of creating safe spaces for each other and consent, but it is for Latines by Latines, I think that's really important.

I see these memes on TikTok all the time, "How am I going to explain to someone dating outside my culture, that on New Year's Eve I'm running outside with red underwear and a suitcase," It's our Latine cultural norms. Going back to getting used to adapting to dating online, in 2020 we had what was called in astrology, the great conjunction where two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, entered Aquarius. That's why we've seen a big boom with technology and spirituality, and that's not going anywhere. I don't necessarily want to force people, but I do want to say modern dating is definitely on Chispa app.

You share a lot of deep insights into the world of astrology and the occult. What would be your best advice for people looking to start their own journeys and tune into their energy?

What I would recommend when it comes to getting more familiar with the occult and esotericism is understanding that culturally as Latines and LatinX, brujeria, astrology, tarot, all of that has been part of our cultures. Our abuelas were doing it in a very Christian "safe way", doing the velas in the altars. I like to say, Catholics are the most witchy of all the Christians, we have rituals upon rituals.

So, start opening yourself up to doing more astrology, because that's going to help you understand yourself better. It's all about self-awareness. If we jump into relationships, not really knowing our beautiful flaws and our beautiful strengths, that can be a little bit hard when we're putting ourselves out there. This is how astrology can really help you. It helps you understand how to build better character, respectfully speaking, when interacting with other people.