The Puerto Rican singer/songwriter talks about his beginnings in the music world and how his mother has been his biggest motivation throughout his career.

Por Yarely Aguilar
Agosto 12, 2019

We've all heard the phrase that singer Darell has made famous: “Everybody go to the discotek.” This call to the party has caused a sensation all over the world. The urbano singer has earned the love of the public not only for his music but also for his humbleness and perseverance. People CHICA had the opportunity to chat exclusively with Darell about topics he usually does not talk about on camera, and here's what he had to say.

Like many urbano singers, Darell Castro was born in Puerto Rico and has an enormous love for his island, but particularly for the neighborhood in which he grew up. “Everyone who knows where I come from knows that I carry my barrio in my heart,” he says. “I come from a public residential in Carolina called Sabana Bajo. I feel very proud to come from that place. That's where my upbringing began. I never stopped going to my neighborhood, I always go back. … They love me there.”

The singer says that when he competes in awards ceremonies, the neighbors who have seen him grow take their televisions to the streets and party when he receives an award. “Being able to show people that witnessed me dreaming about it that I accomplished my dream is my biggest motivation, and to those who are still there, in my barrio, I want them to set the example to not get caught up in the wrong path.”

Both Daddy Yankee and the duo Wisin y Yandel have been two great inspirations for Darell, who still remembers the days of his childhood when he used to lock himself in his own world to dream of a successful future. “I was always in my room — nobody imagined anything. I remember putting my headphones on and I swear I knew almost all the songs of Wisin y Yandel and many artists from that time who had big hits. I remember turning off the lights in the room, and I … thought that I was with them on the stage, singing there with them. That was always my dream,” he says. “I saw a video of Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam on scooters, so I felt like the Daddy Yankee or Nicky Jam from the neighborhood because I also had a scooter.” In his beginnings in music, he was part of the duo Belto & Darell, but later on became a solo artist. “That was an amazing stage in my life, too,” he recalls.

Being part of “Te Boté,” alongside icons such as Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Casper and Nio García was a blessing for Darell that changed his life. “‘Te Boté' has a very special feeling for me,” he says. That song will forever be special for him because it was released during the holidays, after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Another track that changed his career is “Otro Trago,” alongside Sech; that song hit the top of the charts in about 16 countries. “I am super happy with the people who are supporting this song, super happy with what is going on with Sech. I love him very much. They are my people, and those are the results when something is done as a team and with the heart.”

The singer says that his mother has been his greatest motivation in recent years, although he confesses that it is not easy to be separated from his family and not be present on special occasions due to his career. “My mom always had faith and I know she is part of this,” says Darell, who attributes his success to the positive character of his mother. “To see how my mom raised me — she gave me all the strength that I have now.” Another key person has been his brother, who he used to bother by stealing his songs as a child. “I always saw him with headphones on. I remember watching him play Nintendo, and every time he would leave, I would take all his notebooks,” he recalls with much emotion.

Very satisfied with his professional and personal evolution, Darell is very clear that nothing is possible without effort. “I would tell everyone with a dream to not interrupt their dream, because everyone has the right to dream, as well as they have the right to achieve it. Because nothing is impossible, and God is so good that when he sees you working hard, God will bless you. ”