The brand also is releasing a limited-edition, margarita-inspired chip.

Actor Danny Trejo has teamed up with Tostitos in their latest campaign, 5 Ways to Cinco, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Being a fan of the brand made this a no-brainer for the Machete actor, he says. "I've always liked Tostitos and I won't do commercials for something that I don't like," he tells People CHICA. "I got seven restaurants and everybody asks me: 'What's your secret?' There's no secret, I like stuff that's good. When they asked me, I said absolutely. [The ad we filmed was] like a movie and we had so much fun doing that."

In the spot, Trejo meets with Hollywood executives in a conference room to pitch a script featuring extreme scenes that end with him reaching for the brand's chips and salsa. "Crawling through the desert [to film the commercial] reminded me of so many movies I have done, bombs going off," he says. "I just had so much fun."

The actor, whose upcoming memoir Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood goes on sale in July, also opened up about what Cinco de Mayo means to him. "Cinco de Mayo spelled backward is let's have a party. Everybody thinks it's Mexican Independence Day [but] it's not. It's [about] the Battle of Puebla. The Mexicans won the battle so we celebrate that they won," he expresses. "Actually, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo more here than they do in Mexico. Here, it's culturally [about] getting together, a reason to have a party."

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In addition to teaming up with Trejo, the brand also is releasing a limited-edition, margarita-inspired chip —Tostitos Sweet Lime and Sea Salt— and is sharing recipes using their chips and dips, a guide on beverages that pair well with the brand, a Cinco de Mayo Spotify playlist, a family-friendly game of lotería featuring Trejo and DIY decorations.  

Fans can also enter the Five Ways to Cinco sweepstakes for daily chances to win prizes like Trejo's cookbook, Bluetooth speakers, an at-home virtual fiesta with Trejo and more.