The Mexican singer and actress reflects on the heartbreak that inspired her latest music and explains how she healed.


Composing and recording the 11 songs on her new album Knock Out was part of a healing process for Danna Paola. The Mexican singer and actress talked to People CHICA about the inspiration behind the songs and how she healed her heart after a painful breakup. "It's been a great catharsis for me," she says. "This album is filled with [stories of] various relationships, not just one specific one, but the last one was the one that made me 'knock out' and say, 'It's over, no more, I won't give my heart again to someone who won't take care of it and will treat me like a toy, because I don't deserve that.' It's been heavy."

Danna Paola
Credit: Ivan Aguirre

The album is about the "duality of love," she says, with songs that show "the good side and the dark side" of relationships. The 25-year-old star defines herself as "the queen of broken hearts" but says she has healed and is now open to love again. "I'm a super drama queen," she jokes. Putting her feelings into songs has helped her and she hopes it will help other women leave toxic relationships. "It's been a process of a lot of effort, a lot of crying, laughing, a lot of emotions," she says of recording the album.

One of the tracks is "No Bailes Sola," a collaboration with Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra. "I admire Sebastian a lot. He is great artist, he's fun, a great human being," she says. "He's talented and has taught me a lot." They connected as friends and both have denied romance rumors. According to Paola, they're just proof that a guy and a girl can be friends and "don't have to fall in love."

She also recorded "Me, Myself" with Mika, a song that is "so vulnerable" she didn't think she would ever include it on an album. "I was super depressed when I wrote this song," she shares. "It came out to heal hearts and teach us to love ourselves." She says she got over that depression she felt three years ago by looking within and finding emotional support with her family and friends.

Paola, who starred in the popular Spanish series Elite, says she won't be part of the fourth season and is focused on music until another acting project steals her attention. The star says she feels more powerful than ever now, and the aforementioned breakup was part of it — she's "a whole new person."