Por Jennifer Mota
Noviembre 29, 2018

Danielle Leigh Curiel, professionally known as DaniLeigh (pronounced dani-lay) has had a productive 12 months: Her album Summer With Friends debuted last fall, this summer saw the release of her single “Lil Bebe” and her new record “The Plan” comes out Friday. After teasing her DaniLion fan base for about a week, the dancer and songstress of Dominican descent dropped “Blue Chips” on November 21, switching out the upbeat rhythm of “Bebe” for a more laid-back sound.

In quick but sensuous cuts, DaniLeigh swims and floats with graceful fluidity while rapping over the smooth trap beats. Her movements, evoking an angelic undersea siren, are made to look easy and even refreshing, but she shared on Instagram how difficult those moments were to shoot. “One of the hardest things I've ever done,” she said. “It was freeeeezingg, teeth chattering, boogers wouldn't stop coming out, and I hit my nose coming up from this tank lol.” Less taxing to film were images where blue lights bathe the artist and embellish the underwater theme.

The 23-year-old Def Jam artist addresses her worth on the track: Blue chips in poker hold the highest value in the game. Embracing her falsetto range with the high-pitched chorus, she sings, “My whip look like Vader / Watch me flip my roof up / Boss up get my paper, lil' bitch, you won't do something / Bitch, I'm like some blue chips.”

Discovered by Prince on the internet at just 18 years old, she found herself writing, directing and starring in his video for “Breakfast Can Wait.” With coaching by the “Raspberry Beret” singer, she quickly rose in the hip-hop scene. While dancing and creative directing are among her many talents, mashing up bicultural beats into an eclectic sound has led to writing credits for Jennifer Lopez's “Dinero” featuring Cardi B.

“Blue Chips” is the second single to hit airwaves that will be included in her new album The Plan, dropping November 30. Watch the video below.