Cuban rapper Danay Suarez is bringing spirituality to urban music, mixing Bible verses into her hip-hop songs. Here are five fun facts about her.

By Lena Hansen
July 23, 2019 01:33 PM

Danay Suarez has a unique style. The Cuban rapper and singer is a devout Christian and sprinkles her hip-hop songs with Bible verses. She has an enigmatic presence on stage and captivates with her powerful voice, mind-blowing rhymes and raw beats. Here are five reasons to add her to your playlist.

1. Suarez has a profound spirituality and her lyrics are filled with uplifting messages that defend love and morality. "I'm Christian so I'm not connected to the Yoruba religion like many Cubans," she told Beauty Atlas Magazine. "To lift my spirits, I read the Bible and try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated."

(Photo by Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images)

2. In the music video of her song "Yo Aprendí" [I Learned], filmed in Havana, she talks about life's biggest lessons, showing pride for her culture and country with a powerful collage of images from her island.

3. She has collaborated with artists like Karol G and Stephen Marley. Check out her duet "Yo Aprendí" with Karol G on the latter's new album Ocean, and the reggae-infused "Integridad" with Stephen Marley.

4. She was so nervous on her first performance that she sang with her back to the audience. She was 15 years old then and sang before a big crowd in Cuba's Auditorio Nacional with other renowned rappers.

A friend introduced her to hip-hop, rap and reggae in high school and she fell in love. In 2007, she showed up at the house of famous Cuban singer X Alfonso with her demos in hand, asking to be his backup singer. He called her a few days later and became a musical mentor. She also collaborated with Aldo Rodríguez, an underground rapper and founder of the Cuban band Los Aldeanos.

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5. Success to her is not defined by fame and fortune. "For me, the ultimate success is to construct good values in a person, without ruining any principles or stepping on anyone's toes. For me, success is if I go to the Grammys and God favors me with an award. I will be able to say that I got here without hurting anyone, without causing anyone any pain. I got here without bribing anyone. I got here without paying anyone. I got here without prostituting myself. I got here without robbing anyone. That's success to me. To have the morality and power to tell people," she told Billboard. "Yes, you can make music. You can actualize what you felt so many years ago inside yourself and make that music. That caliber of music can continue."