The presidential candidate and senator spoke to People CHICA about how Dawson has changed his life.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 05, 2019

Senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker opened up to People CHICA about his relationship with actress Rosario Dawson. “She challenges me every day. We're a year or so into this relationship and dating her I learn every day, she expands me,” the New Jersey politician, 50, told CHICA on Monday. “She is so passionate, she is active on social media and everything, and I feel blessed to be in a relationship with somebody that makes me better and challenges me to be a better version of myself.”


Booker says the actress, 40, is definitely motivating him. “As we were falling asleep last night she was critiquing an interview I did, in a good way. She just said, ‘Look, you came off to me in X,Y,Z. Here is what you could've said that would've better spoken from your heart. And she was right! She is brilliant. She is just good and she is a passionate Latina, but operating from there in such a powerful way. I want to keep her in my life, so any good words you can put in for me!”


The actress is also accompanying him on the presidential campaign trail. “She is on the campaign. She just came back from a trip to Iowa with me, and people light up when they see her,” he says. The senator revealed that Dawson has also met his family. “Having her with me on the campaign trail — she is a busy, working mom so that doesn't happen often — but when she's on, she is just an incredible asset, my significant other,” he adds. “Most people have significant others in this race, but I feel that I have somebody that is in so many ways my peer, in so many ways someone that I aspire to be like.”


How does the politician inspire Dawson? “I'll let her speak for herself,” he says humbly, “but what she and I talk a lot about is both having public lives, integrity and authenticity, and how can we be better in our private lives? Or how we are with our family, our friends, and the people we meet when the cameras aren't rolling. I think we both challenge and help each other that way. All of us are on this spiritual journey to be better human beings and struggling, and I think that when you have a great partner, they really help you in that evolution as well.”