Por Hello Giggles
Abril 28, 2017
Media for Medical/Getty Images

Do you live far away from a pharmacy? Or do you just hate going to CVS every month? We feel you. Good news, The Pill Club is a birth control delivery service that will drop your pills (or patches or rings) on your doorstep every month — along with chocolate and other treats. Yes, monthly free chocolate and birth control delivered hassle-free. That's happening.

The start-up makes ordering birth control super easy: Just go to the company's website, enter your prescription and insurance information, take a quick survey, and you're pretty much done. The Pill Club can even transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy to its database. And if you have a $0 copay (which you should if you have insurance, since birth control is freeunder the Affordable Care Act) you don't even need to enter a credit card number. Win!

To sweeten the deal, the start-up sends chocolates, lube samples, and other treats menstruating humans will surely enjoy along with your birth control. And did we mention delivery is free? Extra win!

If you don't have insurance, The Pill Club can still help you get birth control every month and will look for the lowest rate for your prescription. And if you don't have a prescription, the company's RNs can work with you to get you the birth control you need. That telemedicine service is currently only available in California, but will be rolled out to all 50 states this year.

The other cool thing about this company? It offers Plan B by delivery, too, and it's priced at $15. It can't yet ship emergency contraception overnight, though, but you can order it to have on hand if you ever need it.

We're really liking the sounds of this, you guys. A company that's easy to work with (you can text with medical personnel and even have your prescription delivered somewhere else if you'll be out of town) and simplifies women's lives? Count us in.