CNCO's Christopher, Joel, Richard, Zabdiel and Brian dish on Valentine's Day plans and experiencing their first world tour.

CNCO seems to be on a fast-track to world domination. Not only did they just kick off their first world tour in the United States in January, but their single “Pretend” is set to drop February 15. “This year is going to be very strong for us,” Mexican-American singer Joel Pimentel, 19 tells CHICA at Sony's “Lost in Music” series in New York City right before their performance.

Do the quintet of bachelors each have a Valentine to cuddle with and give teddy bears and chocolates to? “Yeah, we do. It's all the CNCO fans from Puerto Rico,” joked Pimentel, since the band will be performing on February 14 at the Coliseo in San Juan. “We'll wait for you guys there,” he adds with a laugh.

CNCO performing at Sony's “Lost in Music” series in New York City.

Three years after winning Univision's talent contest La Banda and opening for Ricky Martin on his international tour, the quintet has, well, graduated. “It's the first time that we'll be alone headlining, and it's super crazy. We've been in Texas, we will be in New York, in Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico. We are super nervous but excited at the same time,” added Cuban-born Erick Brian Colón, 18.

Helping with nerves: staying hydrated and praying before they go on stage. Does the group — also made up of Christopher Velez (Ecuador), Richard Camacho (Dominican Republic) and Zabdiel de Jesús (Puerto Rico) — have a chance to hang out and recharge between gigs? “Of course, we find time to do that,” assures Pimentel. “The good thing about nowadays is that we have WhatsApp, FaceTime and we can connect with our family, with our friends, whenever we are not near them.” In 2019, social media can pass for a social life.


The world tour comes off the heels of their self-titled sophomore album, released in 2018 via Sony Music Latin, which debuted at No. 1 and went multiplatinum. The heartthrobs — who collaborated with bachata royal Prince Royce on the single “Llegaste tú” and with pop princesses Leslie Grace and Becky G on the sultry track “Díganle” — also had Grammy-winning superstars Meghan Trainor and Sean Paul featured on the Spanish remix of their breakthrough hit “Hey DJ.”