"It's extremely exciting because we've always wanted to do something like this," the band tells People CHICA.

By Yarely Aguilar
July 18, 2019 06:09 PM

When Premios Juventud airs on Thursday night, there'll be some new faces alongside returning co-host Alejandra Espinoza and singer/actress Lali - CNCO, the Latin boy band who won the first season of La Banda. "It's so cool to be on stage hosting beside Alejandra, because she was hosting for us, like, three years ago, so being able to do it next to her is something very cool," CNCO tells People CHICA. "It brings back memories. Doing it next to Lali is also really cool; she's a cool friend of ours, we've known her for a while. We're just super happy - kinda nervous! - but overall, excited to see what happens throughout the night."

CNCO won their first awards as a group at 2016's Premios Juventud, taking home six trophies including Best Look and Best Fan Army. They promise to steal the show again this year during one of the most iconic nights of Univision programming. They've been rehearsing from "early morning to night" prepping for the show, and have been working hard trying to find perfect outfits for the stage. CNCO also tells CHICA that they have a surprise in store for fans directly following the show.

The guys are also ready to see what happens with their two nominations, for Sick Dance Routine and Reality Show Breakout Artist. They say competing with icons like Ozuna, Cardi B, Karol G and Maluma is "surreal." "Even though we've been in this for four years now," CNCO says, "it's crazy. It's an honor as well, but we're happy with whatever happens. If someone else takes it, we'll be happy for that, [too], because they're working just as hard as us."

After nearly four years in the music industry, CNCO has learned how to find a balance between their career, love and family life. "I think all of us are clear that we're single, so we don't have to worry about that right now," explains the band. "The love that we have right now is for our family, for the music that we do and for our fans, so that's really not that hard to balance out. Something that's really hard is seeing our family - we don't really see them for a couple months sometimes. But at the end of the day it's all for them. We're just happy with what we're doing."

The impact of CNCO's music goes beyond what they had ever imagined, and the band is excited to take their Spanish-language music to countries where it's never been heard before. "We feel really proud of ourselves because we accomplished this dream, and we're taking it around the whole world - our culture and our music, too," says CNCO. "It's crazy how people that don't even speak Spanish learn some Spanish lyrics to sing it at the concert, and that's really cool…there are people that are learning Spanish from our music!" Last month, CNCO released a new single, "De Cero," and are currently working on a new album that will debut in September. In the meantime, catch them on Premios Juventud, airing Thursday at 7:00 PM EST on Univision.