The boy band talks to People CHICA about their love lives, their personal growth during quarantine, and their new album.

CNCO is back with a new album called Déjà Vu. Listening to old-school hits with their families during quarantine inspired them to record an album of covers of their favorite songs. Choosing the songs was a challenge, says Cuban member Erick Brian Colón, who tells People CHICA they chose hits they connected with on an emotional level. "We tried to keep the essence of CNCO," adds Richard Camacho, of Dominican descent. "It was a big challenge because we didn't want to change the original songs too much because they're iconic."

They have each grown a lot emotionally during the pandemic. "We've learned during quarantine to be very patient, to appreciate what we have more," says Christopher Velez, of Ecuadorian roots. "We miss the euphoria, the energy of our fans during our concerts." Now that they're not touring around the world, they have enjoyed spending quality time with their loved ones. "We had more time to share with our families, which we needed," says Colón. "I enjoyed being with my mom at home, watching movies together."

Credit: CNCO

Zabdiel De Jesús, who is Puerto Rican, says "there is always time for love," though Colón notes that all five members are single now. Camacho says he enjoys working out, drawing, and cooking in his free time, as well as playing video games. "It's a challenge," he says about being in a romantic relationship when you're famous.

"As artists and performers we've evolved a lot," says Velez of their evolution since achieving international fame after winning the reality show La Banda in 2015. "It's been a constant learning process."

They were nervous at first to record covers of legendary hits — like "Lo Dejaría Todo" by Chayanne and "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias — but did it with "a lot of respect," says Velez. "Each song has its story and we had a great time recording them."