For #HispanicHeritageMonth, the Latina model gave us a glimpse into her life as a fitness, lifestyle and fashion influencer.
Cindy Prado
Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Prado

From walking the runways of Miami Swim Week to gaining 2.7 million followers on Instagram, Cindy Prado has worked to make a name for herself.

"I didn't blow up overnight [...] I've been working on building my following for years and it's all about consistency and patience," she shares with People Chica.

"I can honestly say that after all these years of hard work, I have the most incredible and loyal following," the Chica Boss reveals. 

With her new fitness platform, the Prado Program, the Latina is going beyond modeling and the influencer sphere and fully venturing into entrepreneurship.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica for Hispanic Heritage Month, Prado discusses how she built her following, established a brand and continues to push herself forward.

Cindy Prado
Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Prado

What inspired you to create the Prado Program? What can customers expect to gain from it?

Exercising is always my favorite part of the day—it offers me time to fully focus on myself and disconnect. Aside from the way it makes you look physically, it also has so many other benefits to your health and mental state. I wanted to build a program that helps others find the beauty in turning health and fitness into a lifestyle. 

Once I started sharing my workouts and daily rituals online, I saw the demand and how many people were actually interested in not only looking their best but feeling their best as well.

My mission for the Prado Program is to push you to be the best version of yourself. I've benefitted massively from a dedicated workout program and coaching, and with my new platform launching very soon, everyone will have access to it, for a fraction of the price. 

Cindy Prado
Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Prado

As an entrepreneur, you're no stranger to the ups and downs of owning a business. What has been the biggest lesson you've learned about owning a business that you feel many wouldn't expect?

The work never ends. Owning a business is different from waking up and going to work. As an entrepreneur, there is no such thing as clocking out.

A lot of people may think that owning a business may make your life easier, but in reality, there is a lot more responsibility and weight on your shoulders. However, it's much more rewarding. Hard work outweighs talent. 

Don't ever stop yourself from building a business you love because you think someone else may be more talented at it than you. Work harder than anyone in the room and build healthy relationships. I've learned those are the two most important components to make you succeed. 

Cindy Prado
Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Prado

What has been your biggest career challenge? What has been your biggest career win?

My biggest career challenge would probably be putting my name out there. With most influencers and models, the hardest and most time-consuming part of the job is growing yourself and your brand.

Once you grow, then you need to work hard to show that you are a respectable brand and not just another cute girl posting hot photos. I think there's a big misconception [about] influencers and models and it's definitely a challenge to break that stigma. 

I'm grateful that after all these years I work with incredible brands that see me as a valued and respectable brand—which would be the answer to my biggest career win. 

What's something your followers may not know about your personality offline?

To be honest, I think I do a pretty good job at showing my personality on social media, especially on my stories. The majority of the time whenever I meet them they always tell me they feel like they know me. The only thing I can think to say is that if they think I am weird on my socials, I am actually weirder in person. 

Cindy Prado
Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Prado

Women have been running and killing it in business for centuries, but as of late, there has been an uptick in women speaking out and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Why do you feel women supporting women is so important?

Celebrating another woman's success will never take away from your own victories. I believe there is way more power in collaboration than competition and women who support each other reap way more benefits.

When you form close and positive connections with each other, you can learn from each other, inspire each other, share your experiences, and even team up and work together towards a common goal. Plus, it's way more fun.

Find out more about the Prado Program here.