Cierra Ramirez is a thriving actress, producer and singer. Her new single, “Liquid Courage,” dropped and it’s Latin influence stays true to her roots.

For the majority of Cierra Ramirez's career, we've known her as Mariana Adams-Foster on The Fosters and now it's spinoff Good Trouble, as well as one of our favorite social media gurus. What we didn't know is that her first love was singing. Her debut came at the age of 10 when she performed Whitney Houston's “I Am Changing” on Showtime's Apollo Kids Star of Tomorrow. Her voice was described as an “old soul,” and she blew away her audience with her voice and confidence.

One EP and 14 years later, she is releasing new music: “‘Liquid Courage' is something that I know that other young people will relate to. Coming into adulthood, making big relationship decisions is what it's all about right now,” she tells CHICA.

On her single, which dropped at midnight March 15, contemporary pop sounds are fused with Latin beats for a unique melody. She sings in Spanish, “Solo quiere que tu,” meaning “All I want is you.” “Growing up Mexican and Colombian, I'm so happy and proud that there is some Latin flare on my song.”

Embracing her Latinidad through her craft is extremely important to Cierra. The proof: As an executive producer on Good Trouble, she ensures that her character's story addresses realistic concerns of a young Latina in a mostly white-male workplace. The show takes on the serious issues of the day, racism, sexual harassment and social media concerns.

As for being a Latina balancing an acting and singing career, she's following in the footsteps of a couple stars before her, like Becky G. “One of my inspirations is Jennifer Lopez. She does it all: acting, singing, producing, et cetera.”

Like her idol, Cierra Ramirez is on her way to inspiring the next generation of multitalented girls of color. Listen to Cierra's new single, “Liquid Courage,” today on all streaming platforms.