See how fans of the Venezuelan singer reacted to his posting of sexy, topless photos with his pregnant wife, Tashie, on social media.

Por Lena Hansen
Marzo 21, 2019

The Internet went wild over some sexy photos posted by Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda and his pregnant wife, Tashie, on Instagram. They show a shirtless muscular Miranda wearing unbuttoned jeans and resting on top of his wife's open legs. “My life, everything I am and will be, is resumed in this single image,” his caption says. The stunning Venezuelan entrepreneur and fitness influencer, who is 38 weeks pregnant, is wearing lace lingerie and a flower crown, showing her growing belly and posing topless. She holds her husband's hand strategically on top of one of her breasts to hide the nipple. The photograph, posted on March 20, generated lots of comments from his over 6 million followers. “Lord! How much beauty and sensuality!” one follower commented. “Adam and Eve, beautiful!” another joked. “You look beautiful. Blessings to you and your family,” one fan wrote.

Other followers of the singer were not so thrilled with the pics. “I'll never understand what pregnancy has to do with seminude photos. I think it's super vulgar and unnecessary,” one commented. “Those photos should be in your bedroom, not posted on social media,” another wrote. “I think these photos are intimate. They are private and should be memories for you as a couple. Please keep your privacy, you could have shown less,” suggested another commenter.

The singer shared another image last week, also shirtless sitting on the grass with his wife, topless and nude except for lace shorts and a hat covering her face. The romantic photo shows the couple in a love bubble, gazing at one another prior to a kiss. “There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman,” Miranda's caption reads.

The singer and his wife have not reacted yet to criticism on social media over the pregnancy photos. They seem to be happier than ever, counting the days to meet their future son, Lucca.

The former member of the successful Venezuelan musical duo Chyno y Nacho, who is now a successful solo artist, wrote on Instagram about becoming a dad: “Those who know me well know how much I've waited for this moment. Since I was younger, I visualized myself as a father and now the time has come. All I can say is thank you.”

Natasha Araos — better known as “Tashie,” who married the singer in 2017 — also expressed her baby joy on Instagram: “We are definitely living the best time of our lives. Knowing that our greatest treasure is growing inside of me is a total blessing.”