The Venezuelan singer thought he was out of the woods after recovering from COVID-19, but he ended up having to be hospitalized due to serious health complications.

At the end of October, seven months after overcoming coronavirus — which included severe symptoms like extreme muscular pain and lack of oxygen — Chyno Miranda thought something in his body didn't feel right. He began to notice that his toes were hurting and he felt a tingling sensation. The 36-year-old Venezuelan singer says he got really scared one day as he was walking to the car with his wife, Natasha Araos, and couldn't feel his lower extremities. He had to find a place to sit down. "I started to feel numbing and strong pains in my legs," he recalls.

Things worsened to the point where one night he fell out of bed from the pain and couldn't move. That's when Araos, 35, who is the mother of Chyno's 1-year-old son, Lucca, decided to bring him to the hospital. There he got a devastating diagnosis: COVID-19 had compromised his nervous system and he had a peripheral neuropathy.


Chyno - Digital Cover
Credit: Foto por Kike Flores; Arreglo personal: Natalia Bratin; Estilista: Angie Escamilla; Suéter: Ted Baker; Jeans: DSQUARED2; Lentes: Vintage

The singer, whose real name is Jesús Alberto Miranda, says this condition can cause weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet. "In bed, without being able to walk, the first thing I thought was: my artistic career is over," he says.

Chyno - Digital Cover
Credit: Foto por Kike Flores; Arreglo personal: Natalia Bratin; Estilista: Angie Escamilla; Suéter: Ted Baker; Jeans: DSQUARED2; Lentes: Vintage

His wife and son have been his greatest source of strength during this health battle. Araos was able to visit him every three days at the hospital during the month he was there for physical therapy. "They tell me he has had a great evolution," she says about her husband's doctors. "Jesús has given it his all."

Chyno is grateful he is now able to walk again after undergoing treatment that included massages and exercising on an elliptical machine. He continues his recovery from home with a physiotherapist "working on coordination and balance," Araos says. He is also training with weights and getting electro-stimulation on his muscles.

Thanks to this professional care, his wife's dedication, and his strong will to get better, Chyno was able to leave his wheelchair and has regained some of the 22 pounds he lost during this challenging journey. He is "almost 90 percent" better, his wife says. Araos is thankful for the support of her parents and her mother-in-law, who would babysit her son while she took care of her husband.

Today, Chyno says he has overcome the initial depression he felt and feels hopeful and full of faith. "I'm grateful for everything I'm going through," he says. "I believe it's part of God's master plan for me, for my own evolution." The singer is excited to return to the stage in 2021 during a music tour he is planning with Nacho, his partner in the popular duo Chino y Nacho.

This has been a year of mental and spiritual growth, he says. "He is my motor," he says of his son. "He is a very sweet and happy boy." Chyno now hopes to be an inspiration to others during difficult times. "My message is to never forget — like the tattoo on my arm says — that the sun will always come out," he says. "There is always hope because God, just because of the fact that you are alive and breathing, blesses you every second."

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