The widower of the Queen of Tex-Mex posted a throwback photo of the couple he found at his mother's home.

When we thought we had seen it all from late Tex-Mex icon Selena Quintanilla, her widower, Chris Pérez, shared a never-before-published photo of the singer on his Instagram account.

"Went to my mom's today and she showed me a pic that I hadn't seen before," he wrote on the caption. "Here it is, I hope you guys enjoy it."

The photo shows Pérez and Selena standing in front of a fireplace in a warm embrace. The late singer, hair flowing and wearing silver hoops, is smiling at the camera. Pérez is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, baseball hat, and glasses.

Last week, the guitarist shared on Twitter that after years of legal battles, he and the Quintanilla family had "amicably resolved" their issues. The disagreement was over a lawsuit filed by Abraham Quintanilla stating that Pérez violated an agreement he signed giving Selena's father the rights over her image and likeness after her death.

The love story between the "Amor prohibido" artist and Pérez was one of overcoming obstacles as Selena's father initially disagreed with the couple's relationship. However, they fought for their love and eloped in 1992.

After Selena's tragic death in 1995, Pérez and her family kept her memory alive. Last March, he opened up about his late wife's death in an "E! True Hollywood Story" docuseries.

"It was traumatic," said Pérez, who was 25 at the time of her death. "It was the hardest thing up until that point that I had ever had to go through. I miss her face, her laughter. She was just an amazing soul, an amazing spirit."

Throughout the years, Pérez started his own rock band and won a 2000 Latin Grammy for Best Latin/Rock Alternative performance.