The two brands are working together to make breaking the ice a little bit easier!
Chispa and Tragos
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The Latinx dating app Chispa and the popular party card game Tragos have partnered up for a new feature where users can play the game virtually and get matched with people who submit the same answers. After surveying Latinos ranging from ages 18 to 34, Chispa found that 56 percent of them said they have a hard time starting a conversation on a dating app. The new partnership is designed to help users break the ice.

Carolina Acosta, founder of Tragos, and Julia Estacolchic, director of brand marketing for Chispa, talked to People CHICA about how this collaboration came about. "I came across the Tragos game right after they launched, and I absolutely love the game," says Estacolchic. "I thought this is so perfect for our community. I kept thinking in the back of my head, What can we do with the game that would be something that's fun and relevant for our audience? And then a few months later, Carolina's team reached out."

Julia Estacolchic
Julia Estacolchic
| Credit: Courtesy Julia Estacolchic

Initially, the Tragos team thought Chispa could be a potential collaborator for sponsored events, but it was Estacolchic who thought the two companies were destined for something different. "We had pitched an event to Julia, and she was like, 'No, we should do something bigger. What do you think of an app integration?'" Acosta recalls. "We were already thinking about something along those lines, but I think we were too scared to ask for something that big."

Carolina Acosta
Carolina Acosta
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When logging on to Chispa, users will be asked if they want to play Tragos. If they say yes, their answers will be displayed on their profiles for potential matches to see. "Basically, it's going to make their matching experience more fun," Estacolchic explains. "They're also going to be seeing if there were any mutual or non-mutual answers, or if they had similar experiences. The big intention here is that they can use your answers to the questions as conversation starters and break the ice. Your profile [will] say more about you and your experience as a Latino in the U.S."