The star discussed her marital problems in a video on social media blamed Mendez for their current split.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 29, 2020

Chiquis Rivera celebrated her 35th birthday without Lorenzo Mendez and finally broke her silence about their marital problems, blaming him for their separation. When some followers criticized her for throwing a party with friends for her birthday and celebrating without her husband, she shared a video explaining their current situation.

“Happy Sunday. I am here having a great time, having a lot of fun," she said in the video she posted on Instagram, adding that her friends have nothing to do with the fact that she is temporarily separated from Mendez. "If I am not with Lorenzo, it's due to reasons or things that Lorenzo has done. If my relationship wasn't worked, the truth is that it's not because of something that I did or something I did wrong. To the contrary. I was a very good wife and I don't want to talk about the details because they are my private issues. If I want to talk about it one day I will, and if not, I won't. We all have a right to our private life. I know you are saying, 'OMG, where is Lorenzo? Chiquis is having fun? Yes, I am having a lot of fun, thank God. I work really hard and want to have fun."

Chiquis added that she hasn't ruled out reconciling with her husband. "If I want to go back with Lorenzo, I will go back with Lorenzo," she said. "It's whatever I want to do with my life." She ended the video with the following message, which left many wondering if it was directed at Mendez: "That's the difference between me and other people who pretend and hide the reality of things. I don't. I am here drinking tequila, having fun and listening to music, that's what I'm doing. I have no reason to pretend or hide."

Mendez himself announced he was taking a break from social media to "work on being the best version of himself," and his accounts went dark after their temporary split was announced. However, he posted a sweet birthday greeting to his wife on Twitter, sharing a childhood photo of Chiquis with the message, "Happy birthday to my precious gift from God."

The Mexican American singer shared a topless portrait of herself from her wedding day to celebrate her first wedding anniversary on Monday. "6•29•2019 marks the day God gave me the blessing of being a bride," she wrote. "Dear God, it’s been a year of ups and downs. Some happy moments, and others not so much. But, regardless of the facts, obstacles and setbacks, I still thank you for giving me the blessing of experiencing it all. Today, a year later, I’m much wiser, stronger and full of love. Thank you! May your will continue to be done in my life. In YOU I trust."

When she walked down the aisle with Mendez in June 2019 with her family present — and a portrait of her mom, the late Queen of Banda, Jenni Rivera, on an an altar in the church — Chiquis was sure their love would last forever. The singer has also been vocal about wanting to have children with Mendez, and freezing her eggs until she is ready to become a mom in the future. “If it was up to Lorenzo, I would already be pregnant [naturally],” she told People CHICA in February of last year. “But he is waiting for me, he respects me as a woman and respects my decisions.” Rivera said she looked forward to enjoying life as newlyweds and traveling together before welcoming a child together.

The two seemed inseparable, so when news broke in June that they were temporarily separated and giving each other "space," many were surprised. Chiquis reveled to Univision that life in quarantine put a strain on them, and hasn't revealed anything else about why they need "space."