Singer Chiquis Rivera talks about her wedding day scandal in a new video on her YouTube channel.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 09, 2019

Newlywed Chiquis Rivera wants to leave the drama of her wedding day behind to start a new life as Mrs. Lorenzo Mendez. On her way to Mexico, where she will be promoting new music, she recorded a YouTube video titled “My Truth” where she talks about everything that happened on her Big Day, including a Univision cameraman being hit and spit at by wedding security. “I want to express myself, I want to vent about certain things,” says Jenni Rivera's daughter in the heartfelt monologue to her fans.

She starts by setting the record straight and saying she is not famous only because of her mom, the late Diva de la Banda. “I never used my mom's death for fame, I have been working for a long time,” she says. “Google ‘Chiquis Rivera' and you will see everything I have achieved so far,” the reality TV star, entrepreneur, and singer, 34, adds. “They always say that Chiquis can't sing and they compare me. I'll be very honest, I may not have the best voice in the world but I have my own thing, and I can hold my own on stage. I have worked hard.”

The singer says she is evolving musically and the Latin community needs to stop trying to bring down people who are succeeding. She also regrets that her private wedding invitation was leaked to the media, resulting in a media frenzy outside of the church. “Everything that happened the day of my wedding, I didn't even pay attention to it, I was so happy,” she says. “I was really nervous when I was on my way to church. I wanted to cover my dress because I wanted Lorenzo and my family to see my dress before anyone else.”

She explains she didn't want her dress to be all over social media before her groom could see her walking down the aisle: “Yes, I owe myself to my audience, but I'm a woman at the end of the day and that is such an important day in a woman's life. You wait so many years for that moment that you want everything to be perfect.”

The singer adds that her wedding planner was the one who hired security even though she paid for the bodyguards. “I didn't even know who they were,” she says. “I just know two of them. I see videos now and I see that security did cross some lines. I don't agree. If I would've been there I would've said, ‘Calm down, don't push, don't be like that.' I have always been very respectful with the press. I'm a fair woman, but I was so focused on my big day, on my wedding, that I didn't know what was happening,” she assures.

The newlywed says she felt so much anxiety as she entered the church that she couldn't breathe. “It's such an emotional day for me, my mom wasn't there,” she adds. “I was a bit sad and nervous because I'm getting married and there was all this chaos outside the church. I cried so hard that my grandma got scared.”

Once she was inside the church she says she was filled with peace. “It was such a beautiful and sincere ceremony, it was what I wanted. I didn't want it to be a show.” The star of the reality TV show The Riveras concludes, “I didn't want to feel like I was working on the day of my wedding.”