The singers have reunited after a brief separation.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 06, 2020

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez are back together. Paparazzi spotted the couple kissing on a beach in San Diego shortly after announcing they were taking a break and needed "space" due to a crisis in their marriage.

Chiquis Rivera y Lorenzo Mendez Reconciliación
Credit: Video Grab SUELTA LA SOPA

Telemundo's entertainment show Suelta La Sopa broke the news of the reconciliation, showing images of the lovebirds at the beach. Mendez was at a center in San Diego where he went to reconnect with himself and reflect. Chiquis went to visit him at the center, and the rest is history. The couple spent the night at a hotel and were spotted the next day enjoying the beach and hugging one another in front of the ocean.

Chiquis Rivera y Lorenzo Mendez Suelta la Sopa
Credit: Video Grab SUELTA LA SOPA

The Mexican American singers have not made the reconciliation Instagram-official yet, but they each shared photos looking very happy after spending the weekend together.

"Sometimes, a step back is what’s necessary to get a good perspective and better reflection of yourself," Mendez wrote on Instagram. "New mindset, new focus, new intentions."

Chiquis also shared a photo of herself by the ocean with the caption: "Freedom comes when you stop caring what people think of you."

Rivera celebrated her 35th birthday on June 26 without Mendez and finally broke her silence about their marital problems, blaming him for their separation. When some followers criticized her for throwing a party with friends for her birthday and celebrating without her husband, she shared a video explaining their current situation.

“Happy Sunday. I am here having a great time, having a lot of fun," she said in the video, adding that her friends have nothing to do with the fact that she was temporarily separated from Mendez. "If I am not with Lorenzo, it's due to reasons or things that Lorenzo has done. If my relationship wasn't worked, the truth is that it's not because of something that I did or something I did wrong. To the contrary. I was a very good wife and I don't want to talk about the details because they are my private issues."

Lorenzo Méndez y Chiquis Rivera
Credit: Mezcalent

She also made it clear then that she didn't rule out a possible reconciliation with her husband. "If I want to go back with Lorenzo, I will go back with Lorenzo," she said. "It's whatever I want to do with my life."