Meanwhile, Chiquis's estranged husband, Lorenzo Mendez, is exchanging insults with Tempo on Instagram.


Chiquis Rivera shared a cryptic message on Twitter that left many of her fans wondering about its meaning. "I think I was set up," the Mexican American star tweeted, following the scandal sparked by a video that showed her kissing Mexican businessman Jorge Cueva, better known as Mr. Tempo, in the midst of her divorce from Lorenzo Mendez. Her followers have speculated about whether or not the tweet refers to Mr. Tempo setting some sort of publicity trap, but so far Chiquis hasn't clarified.

Chiquis Rivera
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The message that Chiquis's estranged husband, Lorenzo Mendez, sent to Mr. Tempo only added more fuel to the fire. He commented on a video of Mr. Tempo talking to El Gordo y La Flaca about his alleged romance with Chiquis, which she has denied, saying they were only "getting to know" one another and have a relationship as business partners on a new tequila launch. Mendez commented "the promo is good," seemingly accusing Mr. Tempo of using Chiquis to get media attention. He also posted a clown emoji.

Mendez broke down in tears during an interview with El Gordo y La Flaca, admitting that he still loves and misses Chiquis. However, the divorce petition has already been filed, with Chiquis claiming the marriage is irreparably broken, although she has said Lorenzo is someone she still cares deeply about. Otherwise, she won't discuss the details of their breakup out of respect for Mendez and his family.

"I think we both want different things," Mendez told Mexican TV show Venga La Alegría. "Right now is the perfect time to write songs about heartbreak, love," he added, saying he is focused on his career and creating new music. "Now it's not about who was guilty and who wasn't. I wish her the best."

Chiquis and Lorenzo
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Chiquis has vehemently denied having been unfaithful to Mendez, and recently shared this message on her Instagram Stories: "The secret to self-confidence isn't to stop caring about what other people think, it's to start caring about what you think. It's to make your opinion of you more important than anyone else's."