Chiquis and her estranged husband, Lorenzo Mendez, reacted to rumors about a video of her kissing Jorge Cuevas, aka Mr. Tempo.

After sharing the news in September that she and husband Lorenzo Mendez had separated, Chiquis Rivera sparked rumors of a possible new romance this week when video surfaced of her kissing Jorge Cueva. The Mexican American singer, 35, has denied that she is dating the Mexican businessman, better known as Mr. Tempo. For now the two are just involved in a business project — the launch of a new tequila. "I wasn't unfaithful, never in my life, and Lorenzo knows it," a teary-eyed Chiquis told Telemundo's morning show Un Nuevo Día. "He knows the reasons of our breakup and for respect to his mother, his daughter and for Lorenzo, I haven't revealed the details. I'm very hurt because they want to turn things around. It's not fair, that's really wrong. It's not fair that they say I was unfaithful because that's not true."

Chiquis added that she is still legally married to Lorenzo and he is someone she really cares about. The singer says Lorenzo doesn't have her new phone number and they only communicate via email. "It's not a relationship yet, we are getting to know each other," she added about Cueva. "He is a man I really respect. I think he is really attractive, to tell the truth. He told me to my face, 'I like you.'" Still, she said that she and Cueva have both decided to focus only on their business venture for now. "He understands, because he just got divorced," she said about Cueva.

Cueva, 29, talked to Mexican radio network Radio Formula about the kiss scandal and paparazzi video released by Telemundo's Suelta La Sopa. "I respect her a lot because she is going through a divorce process," Cueva said. "Perhaps later on, when she is done with the divorce, we can talk, I don't know."

Chiquis announced the news of her split from Mendez via Instagram. "With a heavy heart I inform you that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but a necessary one," she wrote. After news of the kiss broke, Mendez deleted all the posts on his Instagram account, including all of his photos with Chiquis.

Who is the charismatic Mr. Tempo? He came to the United States from his native Jalisco at the age of 18 and worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant before becoming a successful entrepreneur who owns multiple restaurants in California, New York, and Mexico. He has also dabbled in the beer and tequila industries. He jokingly blamed tequila for his kiss with Chiquis and said they had gone out to dinner twice. "She is very beautiful, passionate, and has a great heart," he told Un Nuevo Día. 

How has Lorenzo Mendez reacted? The singer wrote on Twitter: "I have always been and will be a gentleman. Those are my principles and values. I will never talk badly about a woman who made me so happy."