After taking a break from social media, Chiquis Rivera reflected on her challenging 2020.


Chiquis Rivera reappeared on Instagram to assure concerned fans that she is OK after taking a break from social media. The singer, 35, got teary-eyed in a video where she remembered the death of her mom, Jenni Rivera, in a helicopter crash in 2012. "2020 has been heavy," she said. "It's been necessary. This year reminds me very much of 2012, one of the hardest years of my life and now I can say that 2020 has been just as hard emotionally. A lot of great things have happened in my career, things I'm very proud of, but in my personal life it's been really heavy and in that way it reminds me of 2012."

Chiquis Rivera
Credit: (Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Chiquis recovered from COVID-19 this year and announced she was divorcing Lorenzo Mendez. "I'm human and I'm letting Chiquis rest, she's chilling and now I'm focused on Janney, on my heart, on my mind, my spirituality, on healing a lot of things that have happened that I think — because of work, and because I was so busy — I was putting a Band-Aid on certain wounds, not realizing that there's a lot of things that I need to heal. That's what I've been doing, and sometimes with social media and the pressure of being Chiquis, you forget about the human."

She said she feels people try to "attack" her or bring her down sometimes in the middle of her painful breakup. "I've been dealing with it my entire career, I saw my mom deal with it but it gets heavy sometimes when I'm going through what I'm going through in my relationship," she said. "It's hard because you want to say so much but you can't or you shouldn't." Chiquis said she wanted to focus on her home life, and reflect on what's coming in the new year. She said she is in the studio recording new music and has a lot of plans, but needs to stay away from social media to go inward and spend time with herself.

She wished her fans a merry Christmas and thanked them for supporting her career, saying she was grateful for her first Latin Grammy. "I'm so grateful with you guys for loving me," she concluded. "And being with me through the hard times and the good times."