"You're my hero, and you're all I wish I could have been at your age," Chiquis wrote.


Chiquis Rivera will do anything for her siblings. The Mexican American singer, 35, has taken care of her younger brother and sister since she was a child. After the death of their mom, Jenni Rivera, in a 2012 helicopter crash, she has been watching over them and guiding them through life.

Chiquis Rivera
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When her sister Jenicka was recently criticized, Chiquis jumped in to defend her on Instagram, sharing the following post: "You're beautiful inside and out. You're strong. Independent. Responsible. Honest. Straight forward. Firm. Intelligent. Wise. Bottom line Jenicka Lopez you rock my socks! You're my hero, and you're all I wish I could have been at your age. I admire you."

She then told her sister not to let haters get her down. "Don't let ANYONE, especially toxic people who don't truly know your heart, your intentions and what the circumstances are, question who you are and what you're meant to do in this world. #GodHasYourBack and so does your sister! #ForeverAndAlways. I love you to the moon and back, 23 times."

Chiquis Rivera
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The singer's family has also been her rock and source of support through her difficult divorce with Lorenzo Mendez.

Chiquis spent the holidays with her siblings and shared a photo with Jenicka and her younger brother Johnny snuggling in bed with the caption: "Just what my heart needed." She was also a fierce supporter of Johnny when he came out as bisexual in 2017 and revealed he was in love with another man.

When she decided to freeze her eggs, she spoke to People CHICA about possibly giving them to Johnny to have a child. "I've thought many times: 'If one day I'm not on this earth, and I don't use my eggs, maybe he would one day want to use them to have his own kids," she said. "Maybe some people will think it's weird or not agree with it, but he always tells me: 'You have to have a child because I need you to leave a part of you in this world.' I've thought about it that way. He is like a son to me and I know he wants to be a dad."