Singer Chiquis Rivera got an emotional call from her dad, who's serving a life sentence, on her wedding day.

Chiquis Rivera shared a video on her YouTube channel where she reveals she got an emotional call from her dad, José Trinidad Marín, on her wedding day. Marín is serving a life sentence for sexually abusing Chiquis and her aunt Rosie Rivera, but the singer seems to have forgiven him and had a meaningful conversation with her dad minutes before meeting her husband, singer Lorenzo Mendez, at the altar.

The Mexican American star shared the experience as part of a vlog of her wedding day, where she also shares happy moments like having a champagne toast with her bridesmaids.

Chiquis Rivera

After that, her sister Jacqie comes into the room and hands Chiquis the phone, with her dad on the line. “Hi, Dad, I have your little girl here,” Jacqie says to Marín as a glowing Chiquis takes the call nervously. When he asks how she is doing, she says, “I'm really nervous but happy to hear your voice.” She then tears up as he starts talking to her. “I wish you happiness and for everything to go really well for you,” he says. “Marriages are not easy, but give it your all,” he advises her, adding that a husband and wife must always treat one another with respect.

As they get ready to leave for church and meet the rest of the wedding guests, Jacqie asks her dad to lead them both in prayer. The sisters, as well as their younger sister Jenicka, hear their father's prayer on the phone as he asks God to bless Chiquis' marriage. The singer then reflects about all the emotions she felt during her wedding day. “I feel a little better, I cried,” she says in the limo on her way to church. “I'm excited, a lot of good things are happening today,” she adds. “I think I'm getting married at the perfect age. I'm ready. I'm more stable mentally, emotionally. I feel confident and I think everything happens when it's supposed to happen.”