The singer has apparently recovered from the virus after testing positive earlier this month.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 28, 2020

Chiquis Rivera has tested negative for COVID-19 and recovered her health. The Mexican American singer, 35, shared the happy news in a video on Instagram. "I don't wish this coronavirus upon anybody. It's something very strange, very difficult," she said, asking her followers to be kind to those who are battling it. "Many people who have had COVID want to hide and don't want to reveal it. You feel rejected, like nobody wants to be next to you. I understand that COVID has affected us all globally, but we must educate ourselves, do research, and have compassion. It's inevitable — you can get this anywhere and we must be careful with our words."

Jenni Rivera's daughter feels grateful she is healthy again and wants to help other COVID patients regain their strength. "I thank God I got over this," she says. "There were days when I felt really sick. I felt confused. I felt I would never be the same again. When I lost my sense of smell and taste I got really scared. The headaches were terrible."

Chiquis Rivera
Credit: (Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Besides testing negative for COVID-19, she revealed she also has the antibodies after recovering from the virus, which some fans had accused her of faking for publicity. Chiquis said she will take another test to reconfirm the negative diagnosis, since she needs to present proof of two negative COVID-19 tests to the producers at Estrella TV's reality show Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento — where she is one of the judges — before she can go back to the set. "I want to take every precaution to feel safe and also for the people who work with me or are around me," she said.

She also said that she and her husband, singer Lorenzo Mendez, would disinfect their home and their cars to make sure the infection is gone. "Strengthen your immune system, take your vitamins so you stay healthy," she added, thanking all the fans who sent her little gifts and words of comfort during the two weeks she was sick.

"I understand that we all go into a panic mode, but please be compassionate, and send light and love to people that have suffered from it, and don't feel like, 'Oh my God, they are weird and I'm not going to get near them.' It sucks. It's so sad and it saddens me. I get it, but it hurts," she said in the video. "It's not like I said, 'Give me coronavirus. I want to go out and infect people.' You feel rejected."