Chiquis Rivera comments on the death threats her mom Jenni Rivera says she got prior to her tragic plane crash in 2012.

Chiquis Rivera reacted to the alleged death threats her mom, the late Queen of Banda Jenni Rivera, says she got before her 2012 death in a plane crash. Seven years after her death, Mexican radio host Pepe Garza felt it was the right time to share a never-before-aired interview with Jenni titled “Jenni Rivera's Goodbye” on his YouTube channel. The ominous video shows Garza sitting in his office with Jenni's children Johnny and Chiquis, who listen to their mom's confessions for the first time since she recorded this interview on July 27, 2012.

“She asked me to interview her because she had received death threats and she wanted to leave a testimony in case something happened,” Garza explains. Jenni starts the recording with the words, “Let's hope this never gets aired.” She then discloses that she received death threats via email and phone calls. She even got the FBI to investigate after someone warned her she would be kidnapped if she did a concert in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico on July 29. “Every weekend I traveled to Mexico by road. It's a risk that I continue taking but I do it for the love I have for my fans,” she says in the clip. “That night I asked my husband to stay home with my kids in case something happened.”

“My career is so important for me,” Jenni adds. “I'm a strong woman. No one — not even my team, my family, my friends — no one knows about this and I want it that way because I don't want to scare my loved ones. I will continue going to work because I have faith in God that he will get me out of this one.”

She also assures she had no clue why someone would threaten to harm her. “I have no idea, there is nothing illegal in my business,” Jenni says in the interview. “I treat people with a lot of respect. I have no problems with any group or any cartel.” The singer also admits she would like to focus on her reality show and business ventures and not perform in palenques so much. “I love what I do but I don't want to focus that much on my singing career anymore,” she said. “Because of my life, because of my kids, because of what's happening in Mexico.”

Jenni Rivera

Chiquis says she remembers her mom talking to her about these death threats. “That year I do remember that my mom had commented to me that they called her and told her not to go to a city in Mexico, so that she wouldn't be killed, but she always faced [things with courage]. She entrusted herself to God and she went, and thank God she came back [unharmed].”

Jenni's youngest son Johnny made a chilling reflection about the Queen of Banda. “She knew she would die in a tragic way”, he said, adding that she was somewhat “obsessed” with the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana.