The celebrities shared messages on Instagram for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, urging women to put themselves and their health first and get screened for this disease.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrities like Chiquis Rivera and Dayanara Torres have shared posts on social media urging Latinas to get life-saving health screenings. Chiquis gave a shoutout to a friend, Dominican music executive Clara Pablo — who has worked with stars like Maluma and Luis Fonsi — and is a breast cancer survivor.

"Clara, thank you so much for sharing something so intimate with us. It is admirable how strong you are and how far you've come in every aspect of your life. I love you. I respect you, and I'm with YOU," Chiquis shared on Instagram, joining the social media campaign #TeTocaTocarte (It's Time To Touch Yourself). Pablo started the campaign as a way to break the taboos that some women have about touching their breasts, and urge Latinas to perform self-exams and check for masses every month. "Ladies, it's time for us to love ourselves enough to take action, bring awareness and self exam as often as possible," she wrote. "Start NOW!"

Puerto Rican actress, model, and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres also shared a powerful message on Instagram. The skin cancer survivor shared a photo of herself wearing pink and reminding women to make an appointment with their gynecologist and schedule a mammogram. "Early detection is key," Dayanara emphasized, using the hashtags #BreastCancerAwareness, #StrongWomen, and #StrongerTogether.

Puerto Rican actress and TV host Adamari Lopez, who is a breast cancer survivor, also shared an emotional post. The Un Nuevo Día co-host posted a video of herself wearing a pink t-shirt with breasts drawn on it and listening to the song "Casi" by the late Colombian singer and songwriter Soraya, who died of breast cancer in 2006. "For all of those who have not been able to win the fight, for all of those who are fighting and for the survivors," Lopez wrote.