The singer shared bikini photos from her latest getaway.

Chiquis is enjoying the single life. After opening up about her painful divorce from Lorenzo Mendez, the 35-year-old singer shared bikini photos from a vacation to Tulum, Mexico, that exude self-love and body positivity. The Latin Grammy winner posted photos of herself in a lush setting, wearing a bikini bottom and a faux fur shawl.

"The most valuable accessory is self-confidence. #SelfLove," she wrote. "There is always room for improvement, but accepting & loving yourself just the way you are makes you sexier than you think." She also made sure to mention the shawl was faux, to keep any potential critics in check.

Chiquis also shared a photo of herself meditating by the beach with the soulful message: "Forces that can't be stopped: the rising of the Sun, the setting of the Moon, a Woman who knows what she wants. #Unstoppable."

During this tropical spiritual retreat, the singer — whose real name is Janney Marín Rivera — also shared a series of bikini photos with the caption "Simply Janney" and a photo of herself meditating in the sand.

Chiquis also shared a message of self-love along with a video of herself in a white bikini, celebrating her curves. "With scars, stretch marks, cellulite and all of my imperfections ... I love myself! I accept myself and I like myself a lot. Thank you God! #NoFilter #NoEdit #NoFaceTune." 

The reality TV star seems focused on healing and reinventing herself in this new year. "Be bold and do what makes YOU feel good and sparks your soul," she wrote on Instagram.