Rivera also sent a powerful message to fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chiquis Rivera shared her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic with her fans on social media. The Mexican American singer has spent quality time with her husband, singer Lorenzo Mendez, during their isolation in their home in California. Jenni Rivera's daughter posted a photo with Mendez wearing a protective mask with matching sweaters with the caption, "Quarantine Life."

Chiquis shared a video filmed inside her closet, where she opened her heart to her fans about how this time of introspection has transformed her. "It's to give you guys hope and faith in this time, I think we all need it," she said. "With this pandemic that has been going around, it shows us how much stronger, how much wiser nature is than we are. That's how I know God exists, there definitely is a higher power. No man has been able to find a cure for this COVID-19. ... I feel that God has put us on a time-out ... When you put a child on a time-out and you send him to the corner, obviously he has done something wrong. You want that child to think about what they have done, to apologize for what they've done, and to see what they can do better so they are not in that corner on time-out again. I feel that's exactly what God is trying to do to us. This has never happened, at least in our lifetime — a pandemic like this where it affects everyone worldwide equally."

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The singer urged her followers to dig deep and find meaning in this time in isolation and use it for self-improvement. "I'm still the same Chiquis, I'm still the same Janney. I'm still going to twerk if I feel like it. If I feel like having a shot of tequila, I'm going to do it. When I get to go to church, I'm going to go to church. God loves us how we are. Little by little we need to improve," she said. "Something is happening within me and I hope I can share it without you guys judging me. Use this time wisely and really try to figure things out within yourselves."